What is an ad post: how to write it correctly

What is an ad post: how to write it correctly
Что такое рекламный пост: как правильно написать Surely, while working in the field of advertising or promoting various goods and services, you have encountered such a problem as writing a selling text. At first glance, it seems difficult, but, in fact, it is enough to learn a few simple rules to successfully run your business. Therefore, today we will share with you how to write an advertising post correctly.

What is a Sponsored Post

So, first we need to understand what an ad post is. When teaching newcomers to writing sales texts, few people pay attention to theory. Indeed, in order to understand how to correctly write a text, you must first of all know what it is. Therefore, here we will expand on the definition of an ad post.

Что такое рекламный пост

In modern literature, this is called writing texts that attract an Internet user to visit a particular site, read an article, purchase a product or service. Sponsored posts are different from regular articles for a particular product. They are designed to be noticed, interested, and acquired. Most often this is the responsibility of the targetologist, but copywriters and other specialists are also involved in this.

Let’s say in advance that it is not at all difficult to write a regular ad copy. And to write a high-quality post that will hook everyone, it takes a little work. But believe me, it’s worth it.

How to make and write a sponsored post

Before you start creating the text, you need to learn the following rules on how to make and write an advertising post. Understand how it will work and how many people will be interested. Your success in sales or website promotion depends on it.

  • First of all, you need to define the purpose of the ad post and (if any) what the call-to-action will be that will be used later in the text. Perhaps you want the person to go to another article or video. Or maybe you want to benefit the reader, activate his state, motivate him for something, induce action.
  • Then, choose a topic based on what you need to understand, study, learn a person to accept the proposal spelled out in the text. In addition, its difficulties, doubts and objections should be taken into account. This, in most cases, helps to gain the trust of the client.
  • Select the type of publication. This already applies to the design of the post (we will reveal this in more detail later). The text can be presented in the form of a list, an article, or make a so-called composite hodgepodge, where in one article there will be lists and links to other useful articles. Of course, services can also be added there.
  • Write and edit text to avoid spelling and punctuation errors. But take care of the title first. It should be 5 – 6 words long and contain important strong words. Write the text in simple words and small paragraphs (about 3 – 5 sentences).
  • Check your post to see if the call-to-action rule is being followed. Remember that it must be at the beginning and at the end.

By following these five rules, you will write great sales copy. But keep in mind that the competition among creative authors is quite high.

Therefore, you need to try to make the post popular among others and be noticed. For example, learn how to write headlines, examples that will catch on. This can be helped by professional copywriters with extensive experience in the field of advertising.

How to make an ad post on Instagram

Now let’s talk about how to create an Instagram ad post. In our time, it is now a very popular social network. Almost every person has their own profile there. Selling goods or services on Instagram can be quite successful, because it is, first of all, visual content. Photography and masslooking play a big role here. It depends on them whether you will be noticed or missed in the feed.

Как сделать рекламный пост в Инстаграм

But it is worth remembering 4 important rules by which most bloggers build their selling texts. They consist of the abbreviation for the English letters AIDA. Let’s understand what they mean.

  • A – attention – attention. Used mainly in headings. They should be fun and engaging for users. It is best to place them directly on the photo or at the beginning of the post in large letters. They are built according to the same principle. But you can start the post with an enticing phrase.
  • I – interest – interest. The purpose of any post is to win the interest of a person. Here you can start a story about the target reader, where he can recognize himself and, accordingly, click on the “more” button.
  • D – desire – desire. Here it is imperative to touch upon the topic of how to change the client’s life for the better, when he uses what we offer, when he works with us. What benefit and benefit he will derive from this.
  • A – action – call to action. It is necessary to tell people what they must do in order to receive our product or service. They can write to direct, follow the link in the profile header, call, leave a comment.

Sponsored posts are written according to the same principles that we outlined above. But their design is completely different. Posts can be written in the form of stories from a person’s life and are directly related to the product or service being sold, or in the form of reviews and stories. They should definitely be supported by hashtags and a beautiful photo.

How to write a sponsored post

Above, we gave you general practical guidelines for writing posts, but now let’s move on to how to effectively compose an advertising post. What you need to know and be able to do for this. What are the pitfalls. What difficulties can you face as a beginner when composing.

Как составить рекламный пост

First, you need to determine what audience the post will be written to. People can be from different social strata, age of professions, religious beliefs, style of thinking, and so on. Following this, you will need to identify the main audience requests for your topic. They need to be reworked and used in the post. Then it will be clear that you are writing for specific people who are interested in the topic. This is very engaging for customers.

Next, use the tips we gave above. This is the basis of any text. Don’t forget visual content, search marketing, and layout. Remember that you should not impose products on customers, this strongly repels them and reduces the demand for a product or service.

How to place a sponsored post

Among the people promoting their products, the question arises of how to place an advertising post. It all depends on where you want to get customers and where you want to be noticed. This is closely related to whether you will be popular with your competitors. Since this is a condition of whether you will sell the product and how much you will receive for it. Therefore, this moment must be taken into account.

Как разместить рекламный пост

The most popular way is to post on social media. They can be VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook and Instagram. Everything that is now heard. You can place it as contextual advertising in all social media at once. networks or through stories, in live broadcasts. In addition to these methods, advertisers use promotions, contests, cases, short videos and pictures before and after.

How to design a promotional post

And finally, we will tell you how to design an advertising post. This is the very visual content. It can be various pictures, photos, post design. It attracts a buyer, helps to leave the user on the page, read the article and, at the end, purchase the product.

Как оформить рекламный пост

It also plays a significant role, to whom you sell the service. Color, images, writing style, font and many other details depend on it. For example, if you are advertising something on Instagram, then it is important to follow its style.

More photos, comments, polls, polls, tests, emojis, hashtags. Less paragraphs and less text in general. But on Vkontakte, text and reviews are important. A professional internet marketer who knows his business can help with this.

So, now you know everything about writing advertising posts, the purpose of which is precisely to sell goods and services. It is very useful for beginners in advertising and business to know this, as it will allow them to take high positions in their business and overtake competitors. Remember a well-written advertising post is the key to your effective promotion in the future.

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