What is auto-posting and how to set it up

What is auto-posting and how to set it up
Что такое автопостинг и как его настроить Most modern companies have multiple business accounts on various social networks. Of course, you need to post quality content throughout the day. It is often difficult and tedious to create them on a daily basis. In such cases, it is important to know what auto-posting is and how to set it up.

What is auto-posting

It is quite simple to answer the question what is auto-posting. This program is designed to automatically post posts to social networks at the time you specify, which greatly facilitates the workflow.


There are many such programs and services. Therefore, you need to carefully approach the choice of utility and at least know what the uniqueness of the text means in creating your content.

How to set up auto-posting

It will be useful to know how to set up auto-posting for its implementation. It doesn’t matter which program is used. The setting will always be the same. Our example is based on the Roboposting service.

You need to register in the project and pay the required tariff. Fill in scripts to organize the publication of pre-prepared materials. For example, on weekdays, ads may be for informational purposes, and on weekends, they may be for the seller. Each group will be a separate scenario.

Как настроить автопостинг

Next, you need to choose the time interval when the posts should be published or the interval between their posting. You also need to know what the HTTPS protocol is if posts are also posted on your personal website.

How to set up auto-posting on Instagram

It will not be superfluous to know how to set up auto-posting on Instagram. This can be done using Instapromo, which can add description and hashtags. Plus, it will be possible to track the level of effectiveness of the published content and configure the removal of photos without visiting a social network.

Как настроить автопостинг в Инстаграм

Kuku.io can also help in this matter. The service is very easy to manage and has the ability to work in a team. However, its tariffs can be paid only in dollar currency. Even in the settings, you can see that the price of contextual advertising is not as expensive as in other popular services.

How to make auto-posting in Telegram

You do not need to have special knowledge to answer the question of how to make auto-posting in Telegram. This task can only be completed using bot accounts. They greatly simplify the interaction of the user with the messenger, instantly sending commands to the server for operations.

Как сделать автопостинг в Телеграмме

To do this, in the search, we hammer @Manybot and go to the dialogue with him. We enter the addbot command, as a result of which a window should appear with instructions that must be executed. Specifically, go to the @BotFather bot and enter the newbot command and come up with a name for your bot. Having received the key, you need to enter it in the message input field.

After that, there will be a message stating that the token was accepted, and the bot was successfully created. Create a conversation with the newly minted bot and type the / autoposting command. We choose a social network as a broadcast source. Undoubtedly, this is not the end, you should also know what this is an SSL certificate of the site owner and how it works.

How to auto-post on VK

Many will be interested to know how to make auto-posting on VKontakte for free. This can be done using the Mozilla firefox browser, which is now not a problem to install yourself by downloading it on the Internet. Next, install the imacros for firefox extension.

Как сделать автопостинг ВКонтакте

In the “Open Menu” tab, select “Add-ons” and then “Extensions”. After installing the extension, an icon appears in the upper right corner. Click on it. Then on your computer, click the “Start” tab and enter the query “C: Users Valera Documents iMacros Macros”.

Open the found folder and create the folder in it that will store materials for auto-posting. Everything is quite simple, like the Yandex Direct promotion rate for companies of well-known brands doing business on the Internet.

How to use auto-posting

Finally, we will look at how to use auto-posting. This must be done wisely and very carefully. Track when your competitors are active. Often, everyone posts their posts at 18:00, 21:00, etc. Minutes play an important role in this matter.

At such a time, thousands of posts appear, and users do not even notice them. By placing your ad at 6:03 pm, the chances of meeting a competitor are pretty low. Also, do not publish material early in the morning, since the backbone of the public at this time is busy at work. Therefore, it is better to focus on the evening time.

Deliver interesting content to users, not just product posts. You will need to consider in more detail what Yandex Wordstat is for in writing successful articles.

Autoposting is a great working tool that will allow you not to resort to laborious work every day. It will only be necessary to periodically return to content creation. What do you think about this?

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