What is collaboration on Instagram (+ examples)

What is collaboration on Instagram (+ examples)

Instagram tirelessly feeds users with tons of promotional materials. We scroll through the feed, watch Stories, monitor the posts of famous bloggers who are enthusiastically promoting a new shampoo for split ends. Eye-catching visual content awakens in us the urge to buy, because consumers always want to see what they are spending their money on.

Collaboration is about how to move from eternal confrontation to fruitful cooperation. Big brands and popular influencers are joining forces to attract the attention of potential customers to the product. Both sides win. In this article, we’ll look at what collaboration is, what it is eaten with, and how it drives demand.

What is collaboration

Collaboration is cooperation, joint activity. The term comes from the Spanish “con” (c) and the Latin “laborare” – to work.

To put it simply, the collaboration is based on mutually beneficial cooperation between the parties, which combine material capabilities, human resources and ideas to achieve a common goal. Partners help each other earn money, attract a new audience, increase awareness and promote the product, while minimizing costs.

It would seem that everything is simple, but do not forget about the “pitfalls”. To double your effectiveness, there are two important criteria to consider: the visibility of the collaborator and the needs of the target audience. For example, a fitness blogger would fit perfectly into a protein bar concept, but the collaboration would have zero impact when it comes to a jewelry ad campaign.

The perfect tandem is Kanye West and Adidas . In this case, the stars converged on all fronts: a famous rapper with an excellent background and a brand with a long history have created a product that has won the hearts of millions. Isn’t this a great combo?


Goals and objectives of the collaboration

Yes, the main goal is to sell as many copies as possible and get financial benefits, but the light has not been a wedge in commerce. Why is collaboration so effective and who is this type of promotion suitable for? This is what we have to figure out.

Attracting attention

A well-thought-out collaboration helps to stand out from the background of a large stream of advertising materials. Every consumer on a subconscious level wants to be unique. People want to grab a limited collection of jewelry or show off exclusive sneakers to friends. You can awaken hidden instincts in users by playing on their emotions.

For example, the world famous brand MAC has released a limited edition of cosmetics featuring characters from The Simpsons to coincide with the cartoon’s anniversary. It turned out cool and very effective.


Another good example is Karl Lagerfeld and H&M . Not a weak claim for success for the mass market. The designer has created a stylish capsule at a democratic price. The collection sold out in the first days after the start of sales.

карл лагерфельд

By the way, this kind of cooperation was the first, but not the last in the history of H&M. So, the most successful collaboration of the Swedish brand with the fashion house Balmain in 2015 was sold out in a matter of minutes, and you can still find enthusiasts on the Web who resell packages without a share of hesitation.

Olivier Rousteing connected all his imagination and released such flashy and bright things that it was simply impossible to wear them in everyday life. The wave of demand, alas, died down after a few weeks, and the once popular capsule began to cause only ridicule. And this is also the merit of the PR people, who included banners with things from the collection at every turn.

Unconventional and original – we are talking about the collaboration of the sports brand Puma and Soyuzmultfilm . In 2018, the Puma Suede collection was presented. The creators involved characters from “Well, wait!” and Winnie the Pooh.

пума кроссовки

Joint promotion

There are two options :

  • creation of a joint product and its further promotion in order to increase sales;
  • cross-marketing is when two (or more) companies promote products under their own brands.

An excellent tandem – Lukoil, Yandex.Zapravki and Mastercard. From April to July 2018, each client could refuel at the Lukoil station, pay for fuel through the Yandex.Fuel application and receive a cashback of 10% on a Mastercard.


The Samsung chain of stores and the Ivi media company went through cross-marketing as part of their partnership. Moreover, the promotion was offered exactly when buying a TV, which meant the proximity of the target audience – lovers of watching movies in good quality.

Increase loyalty

It is very difficult to surprise the modern consumer. If earlier the client in 90% of cases chose the products of one brand, now this figure has dropped to 60%.

Users want variety and are eager to try something new. In this case, the importance of the visual component cannot be underestimated, so it is not surprising that brands rely on aesthetics, resorting to the help of popular artists.

An example of such cooperation is the creation of a limited line of sweets “Inspiration” in collaboration with Nikas Safronov. Firstly, in this way the creators have attracted the attention of their main target audience – women who are familiar with the artist’s work. Secondly, the consumer value of the product has increased significantly due to the unique offer.

конфеты вдохновение

Manufacturers of household appliances also did not stay away from trends. The Smeg brand has joined forces with the Dolce & Gabbana brand to release a limited series of devices.

бытовая техника

Types of Collaborations

Forms of collaboration that can be used to promote on Instagram:

  • Mutual PR of brands or people who work in related fields. This option is well suited for representatives of creative professions. Musicians can create joint tracks or promote non-competitive projects. A very effective type of collaboration, since the target audiences of the parties coincide.
  • Brand connection. For example, an artist creates art for a well-known brand and marks the company’s profile in his publication. She, in turn, contacts the illustrator and, if necessary, offers him cooperation.
  • Cooperation with a blogger. Influencers are people whose recommendations are uncomplainingly listened to, so it is very profitable for brands to promote their products with the participation of opinion leaders. Tags on photos, tips in Stories, promotional codes, special discounts – all this contributes to the growth of the product’s popularity. Why is it beneficial for bloggers? Firstly, they get an extra portion of attention, and secondly, they replenish their wallet.
  • Instagram Tools We mean hashtags, tags, comments, and Stories mentions. In the early stages, you can promote young brands in such simple ways. Yes, it is less effective, but it is budgetary.

How to organize a collaboration

If everything is clear with the types and goals of collaborations, then the organizational issues should be dealt with in more detail:

  1. Clearly define the mission of cooperation. What result do you want to achieve? Increase awareness, increase sales or acquire a new target audience – there are a lot of options, but you need to focus on a specific one.
  2. Choose the most effective format of cooperation. Analyze the target audience and start from its needs. For example, you can arrange a competition, or release a joint product with a partner. Also consider your financial capabilities.
  3. Find the right partner. Collaboration will only work if both parties have similar interests and identical views. Consider the popularity, image and ideology of the potential partner. It doesn’t take a genius to understand a simple truth: creating a line of alcoholic beverages with a person who promotes a healthy lifestyle on his blog is absolutely pointless.
  4. Check the influencer for cheating. It will be useful to check a potential partner for cheating through the trendHERO service. As good as your choice may seem, you don’t want to pay for dead souls in subscribers, right?
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  6. Agree to collaborate. Agree on terms, strategy and timeframe.
  7. Take care of advertising for your future project. A high-quality advertising campaign is the engine of trade. Without proper promotion, even sneakers created with the participation of Gigi Hadid will quickly sink into oblivion.
  8. Collaborate.
  9. Do not forget to analyze the results. Moscow was not built right away, so there is no need to be upset if the first collaboration did not bring you proper feedback. Take into account the mistakes made that have cut efficiency, and move on!


Errors in collaborations with influencers

Collaborating with influencers is a new trend that provides excellent feedback. Influencer marketing is relatively new, so marketers often act intuitively and run into a lot of obstacles. Now we will tell you about the “sins” that are best avoided in order to quickly get along with instabloggers.

Don’t get pounded

Marketer Masha tried very hard: she made up a competent technical specification, found a blogger, agreed with him on cooperation and sent the initial materials. In a word, I gave myself completely to the process. A certain influencer Sergey, in turn, sent Masha several photos to choose from, but none of them fit: either the color of the walls is not the same, or the emoji are annoying. Masha asked to correct this oversight and Sergei humbly obeyed. True, this time he took up work without a soul. Masha lost her temper and added a blogger to the blacklist, thereby completely disrupting deadlines, since finding another Sergey is not an easy task.

What to do? TK is, of course, good, but you don’t need to go into the jungle and scrupulously follow the color of the tablecloth that flickers in the photo. Focus on the essentials.


Don’t kill the creative

Blogger Christina dashed off a huge post about how every day she puts on her face a new mask with cucumber extract and cannot get enough of it, so, not without regret, she hands over the subscribers’ turnouts and passwords so that they can also enjoy this bliss. Standard product placement, but there is one caveat: we have already seen all this somewhere. The conditions are met, but the efficiency is at zero. Why?

What to do? Don’t chase fashion. Maybe collaboration with bloggers is not suitable for you, so it would be much more rational to invest money, for example, in contextual advertising. If Instagram is still the main channel of communication, look for inspiration in new trends and think about how to make ads more native.


Don’t lie

Manager Vasily, working for the benefit of the beauty industry, decided to create a collaboration with famous bloggers, offering them brand products as a gift. Vasily quickly monitored the accounts of influencers, skimmed through the number of subscribers and sent out a commercial offer to suitable candidates. Naturally, not forgetting to mention how he likes their content and how all these people fit into the concept of the company.

The first answer was not long in coming, driving Vasily into the paint. Blogger Anna expressed dissatisfaction with the manager’s proposal, since the girl has been promoting the rejection of decorative cosmetics for many years and generally promoting organic life.

What to do? The moral of this fable is this: carefully study the profiles of bloggers. By the way, you can use the convenient online service trendHERO, which will become your lifesaver when choosing the right influencer.


Examples of Collaborations with Bloggers on Instagram

Let’s move from words to deeds. It’s time to talk about the most striking examples of collaborations with bloggers.

Colors de Benetton

United Colors of Benetton, together with fashion bloggers, held a #wearecolors contest, in which two fragrances of the brand were raffled off between members of four teams. Four bloggers – Marie Senn, Maria Novosad, Milena Chizhova and Maria Vei – recruited teams whose members competed with competitors in the ability to create subject compositions, fashionable images and interior compositions on Instagram.


Alena Venum and Nastya Kamenskikh

Alena Venum, who has over 5 million subscribers, together with Nastya Kamenskikh recorded the sketch “Types of Friends”. By the way, the video has collected 207 thousand likes. As a result, everyone benefited: the singer increased the target audience, and the blogger, in turn, diluted the feed with entertaining content.


Stas Kruglitsky (@stasprostoklass) and OZON

Stas Kruglitsky is a real connoisseur of women’s philosophy, who has gathered an impressive audience thanks to funny videos. Now more than 1 million users have subscribed to the blogger. The last post is dedicated to the joint project OZON and PUMA .

The essence of the action is simple: you have to post a photo or video of your workouts in the feed from September 1 to 30, put the hashtags # ozon4sport and #OZONxPUMA, and also mark @ozonru and @pumarussia. Prizes are awarded for the most creative and effective work. We advise you to hurry up!


Nastya Ivleeva and ELSEVE

Nastya Ivleeva (18 million subscribers) actively promotes ELSEVE shampoo on her blog, which should help get rid of unwanted yellow hair. The last post is dedicated to 35% discount on the entire brand line.


Tips and tricks

Collaboration will be more productive if you heed the following tips :

  • Cooperation should be temporary. More often does not mean better! If you abuse the creation of joint products, then soon users will get used to it and the efficiency will plummet.
  • Watch for overlapping interests. It is essential that the target audience of the partner matches yours. The target audience of the other side should suit you in terms of age, gender, demographics and income level. Collaborate with companies or people from related industries. For example, a fitness center will make the perfect party for a beauty studio.
  • Specify the purpose of each participant. A partnership made for show will not bear fruit. Collaboration should carry a message and meet your requirements. To do this, you need to clearly define goals, assign roles and predict the desired results in order to work on the mistakes afterwards.


It’s time to take stock. Collaboration is an effective way to reach new audiences or build brand awareness through mutually beneficial collaboration.

In order for this form of promotion to bear fruit, you need to set specific goals and choose the right partner with similar interests. Even if the first time it did not work out as you planned, you should not give up and give up on collaborations. Analyze mistakes, change your strategy and try again!

trendHERO is a useful service that will help you to thoroughly study the influencer and his target audience.

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