What is cross-posting and how to set it up

What is cross-posting and how to set it up
Что такое кросспостинг и как его настроить Anyone who has done business on social media has probably thought about effective ways to disseminate information. And this is the right way, as it contributes to the growth of the rating of your business. Therefore, today we will tell our audience what cross-posting is and how to set it up.

What is cross-posting

So, what is cross-posting? At first glance, this seems like an unfamiliar word to us. But almost every blogger striving for popularity uses this way to make themselves known every day.

Cross-posting is a type of transmission of information about oneself, goods or services through various social networks. Many people compare this method with contextual advertising, but there are cardinal differences in this.

Что такое кросспостинг

In other words, you write a post and publish it on Facebook, VKontakte or Instagram. In order not to do this several times (manually duplicate the same information), the application offers to automatically publish the post on different social networks. This is quite convenient if you are busy with other things and have a busy working day. Crossposting doesn’t take long.

How to set up cross-posting

Accordingly, the question arises of how to set up cross-posting and not waste your time on publications. Each program has its own settings in which you can enable pairing with other social networks. But each has its own characteristics and difficulties. Therefore, further we will tell you more about each program and this function.

Each network (VKontakte, Instagram, Facebook) has a tab with settings. They are of several types. You can make each post broadcast to other networks, or make selective cross-posting of posts.

In the “settings” tab, we press the button related to managing publications, set the social networks we need and use this function. Let us remind you that in order for it to work better and be really useful, you will use cms for a blog that is successfully running.

How to set up cross-posting on Facebook

Now, let’s take a closer look at how to set up cross-posting on Facebook. To do this, you need to go to its settings. Next, in the left corner of the screen, find the “Post Publishing” or “PublicPosts” tab and work in it. Then a list of publication settings will open. You need the last line where it says “Twitter”. And there you click “link profile to Twitter” or “LinkpofiletoTwitter”.

Как настроить кросспостинг в Фейсбуке

Such cross-posting will be very effective if you want to promote yourself in a foreign market. For this, the writing of SEO texts to order by proven professionals will be excellent. Because it is important to interest foreigners with words.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that you can only duplicate posts from Facebook to Twitter. This cannot be done on Instagram and VKontakte. The reason for this feature, in our opinion, is due to the fact that the developers of the site did not take into account this possibility. Perhaps in the future it will be possible to do this and make full use of Facebook.

How to set up cross-posting from Instagram on VK

Let’s move on to a simpler option, how to set up cross-posting from Instagram on VKontakte. This is quite easy to do, since the networks are inherently connected to each other, rather than Facebook. This is even more suitable if you are planning to create an online store, then cross-posting will come in handy. If a post has already been written and is ready for publication, but there is a desire to post it on VKontakte, then use the following simple algorithm.

Как настроить кросспостинг из Инстаграма в ВКонтакте Go to Instagram settings. To do this, you need to click on the three stripes in the upper right corner, then click on the gear we are used to. Next, you will be taken to the “parameters”, there you need to select the “linked accounts” tab and click on “VKontakte”. But this is if you want the posts to be constantly streamed. You can make one-time cross-postings, but manually. To do this, click on the three dots in the left corner of the post, “share” and “VKontakte”. Today we have met with you a very effective way to promote in social networks, cross-posting. He helps all aspiring bloggers and internet entrepreneurs. If you fully master it and use it correctly, success in the development of your business is guaranteed.

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