What is Instagram collaboration and why it is effective

What is Instagram collaboration and why it is effective

Now brands, influencers and celebrities have begun to gradually move from competition to cooperation. Once media personalities (and not only) were at enmity and tried in every possible way to “pull the blanket over themselves,” but now they record joint tracks, release exclusive clothing and limited cosmetics, go live together and announce general contests. In the world, this format of interaction is called “collaboration”. It is used for promotion by both regular bloggers and large brands: Converse, IKEA Adidas.

What is collaboration, and why have joint activities become so popular? Let’s figure it out!

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What is collaboration

Collaboration is cooperation, interaction, joint activity. Simply put, a collaboration is the collaboration of several parties in order to obtain mutual benefit. The essence of this format is that participants (brands, companies, large corporations, bloggers, public organizations, etc.) join their efforts to achieve certain results. At the same time, the consolidation of financial, human and information resources allows save a lot.

Through collaborations, the parties help each other attract new audiences, increase loyalty, increase profits, and even conquer unknown markets.

Types of Collaborations

Now let’s talk about the most common formats of collaboration:

  • Cooperation with opinion leaders. Bloggers are a special caste of users whose recommendations every second Internet inhabitant is ready to trust, so it is very profitable for companies to promote their products / services through influencers. Tags on photos, praises in stories, unboxes, reviews, live broadcasts – all this contributes to the growth of the popularity of brands. What do bloggers get? Firstly, an additional portion of attention, and secondly, good dividends. But before you trust the influencer, check him for cheating using the trendHERO service.
  • Collaborations with celebrities. Usually it is about creating a capsule collection under the name of a celebrity in the cosmetics, perfumery or fashion sector. Fans of media personalities are ready to sweep everything related to their idols off the shelves, and companies skillfully use this and in every possible way attract popular personalities to cooperation.
  • Mutual PR of people who work in related fields. This format of cooperation is perfect for representatives of creative professions. For example, musicians can record collaborative tracks or promote non-competitive projects. Such collaborations are very effective because the target audiences of both parties are the same.
  • Brand Link . Let’s say you’re an artist who creates cool art and uploads it to the Web. You can dedicate one of your works to a brand, mark it and wait for a reaction. Often, representatives of companies willingly offer cooperation to talented illustrators.

Goals and objectives of the collaboration

Yes, most brands / bloggers start collaborations in order to sell as many copies as possible and get a good profit, but the light has not come to commerce like a wedge, so in the following sections we will talk about more global goals of collaboration.

To attract attention

Successful collaborations with influencers and companies allow you to stand out against the background of a huge information flow. Often, when announcing a collaboration with a famous star, brands want to play on the subconscious desire of users to be unique and special (for example, to be the first to get an exclusive jeans, or to become the proud owner of a limited edition mascara).

A good example in the beauty field is the collaboration of the cosmetics brand MAC and the cult animated series The Simpsons, in honor of whose 25th anniversary a limited line of cosmetics was released. It turned out very cool and unusual.


For joint promotion

For example, brands can combine and create a joint product, or resort to cross-marketing (this is when two or more companies jointly promote products under their own brands).

To increase loyalty

In the 21st century, it is very difficult to surprise consumers, because they constantly yearn for something new and unknown. Therefore, if a brand cannot offer them this, they are looking for something else for themselves. It is for this reason that collaborations are actively occupying even the food market, which is becoming more and more competitive.

Customers want variety and are interested in high value propositions. In this connection, we can expect the market penetration of collaborative marketing programs and activities that will attract the attention of the audience and, for the first time, reduce the sensitivity of consumers who are already accustomed to constant discounts.

As an example of a collaboration aimed at increasing loyalty, one can cite the exclusive series of sweets “Inspiration”. The famous artist Nikas Safronov worked on the packaging design. Such design increases the consumer value of the brand by obtaining not only gastronomic, but also aesthetic pleasure.


How to find a partner for collaboration

The main motive for collaboration is to expand the coverage and market for goods or services, so when choosing a partner, it is important to understand what benefits you will get from cooperation. Simply put, can the followers of this or another influencer become your target audience (whether they are suitable for age, interests, demographics and other segmentation factors).

To unite, you can choose not only your topic, but also an adjacent niche. A company that sells building materials can quite effectively cooperate with a furniture factory, and a cosmetics brand with beauty bloggers.

For example, in order to choose the right company for collaboration, it is enough to check the matching points:

  • products / services do not compete;
  • similar target audience;
  • general price segment;
  • goods / services complement each other;
  • the human factor: it is better to work with pleasant people, therefore the representative of the partner company must inspire confidence and evoke your personal sympathy.

Insta-celebrities can choose partners according to a similar principle: overlapping audience, no competition, good reputation, similar content.


How to make a collaboration

Since we have decided on the goals and objectives of the collaborations, it’s time to move on to the organizational issues:

  • Define a collaboration objective. What result do you want to achieve in the end? Increase awareness, acquire a new audience or strengthen the trust of an old one, increase sales or create a loyal community – as you can see, there are a lot of options, but we advise you not to get distracted and dwell on one thing.
  • Choose the right format for cooperation . Analyze your target audience and build on its requests. For example, you can run a competition with simple mechanics, or release a joint product with a partner.
  • Find a good partner . It shouldn’t be just a win-win deal. Collaboration is creativity. It’s great when you and your partner complement each other, have similar views and interests, and share a common vision. It is worth considering the partner’s image, his views and philosophy. You don’t need to be seven inches in the forehead to understand a simple truth: the cooperation of a fur coat brand with an influencer who is zealous for animal rights will not lead to anything good.
  • Check for cheating . Are you planning to collaborate with a blogger? Don’t blindly trust the statistics that an influencer has kindly provided you. Unfortunately, everyone can now get followers, likes and comments, so it’s better to double-check everything yourself. The trendHERO service will help you with this.
  • Agree . When a reliable partner has already been selected, and the goal of the collaboration has been determined, the only thing left is to discuss the main conditions, promotion strategy, format and timeframe for cooperation.
  • Take care of advertising . Alas, any collaboration is meaningless if you don’t invest in quality advertising. Even sneakers, created in collaboration with Ariana Grande, run the risk of quickly disappearing into oblivion without competent promotion.
  • Collaborate.
  • Analyze the results. Answer yourself to the question: did the collaboration lead to the expected result? But you don’t need to break the pots right away if the collaboration didn’t bring the planned feedback. Remember that not everything works out the first time, which means that you need to try, experiment, correct and correct mistakes made.

примеры коллабораций

Examples of successful collaborations

It’s time to move from theory to real examples. Below we have presented the most striking collaborations that have been implemented within the framework of Instagram.

barbaraska_92 + kuruchbro

The star of the series “Chiki” teamed up with a “business coach” from the Moscow metro to create a funny video with a bandit veil. Funny phrases, understandable only to fans of TV series about the dashing 90s, and bewildered glances of passers-by brought good feedback to the celebrity.

stasprostoklass + Lenta store

Stas Kruglitsky is a true connoisseur of women’s philosophy, who in his videos subtly and very funny plays out situations that are painfully familiar to the fair sex. Now it is clear why Stas has such an impressive audience (over 2 million followers).

And now the blogger has announced a very non-trivial raffle, which is being held by the Lenta store.

_agentgirl_ + Make up

But Nastya Ivleeva recently announced in her blog to subscribers a challenge from makeup brands # 1 Maybelline New York, L’Oréal Paris, NYX Professional Makeup. To take part in it, you need to go to makeup.ru, complete a make-up task and post a selfie with the #brightening tag. You can get one of three beauty boxes as a prize.

siuzannavarnina + Lamoda

Suzanne Varnina is a popular and very controversial performer, whose Instagram page is followed by about half a million people. There are really a lot of advertisements in the singer’s profile, but the last collaboration with the Lamoda online store came out really interesting and beautiful.

Alena Venum and Nastya Kamenskikh

Alena Venum together with Nastya Kamenskikh recorded the sketch “Types of girlfriends”. By the way, the video has collected 207 thousand likes. As a result, everyone benefited: the singer increased the target audience, and the blogger, in turn, diluted the feed with entertaining content.

алена венум


Collaboration is an effective form of collaboration between influencers, brands and brands. Each of the parties gets its own benefit: someone has a new and loyal audience, and someone gets a material reward. In any case, we advise you to test and analyze the results in order to understand whether it will bring proper feedback. The main thing in this business is to choose the right partner and set an achievable goal.

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