What is Instagram Giveaway

What is Instagram Giveaway

Instagram is a social network that serves not only for user communication, posting photos and other content, but also for making money. For this reason, advertisers often turn to bloggers to promote their products and promote commercial accounts. One of the ways to promote is givas. In this article, we’ll explain what Giveaway is and how to use this marketing tool effectively.

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What is Giveaway

Give is a giveaway in which the blog owner or event organizer distributes gifts free of charge. Goods, services, and sums of money are used as gifts. Giveaways are organized to attract new followers, who may become advertiser’s clients in the future.

The more gifts in Giveaway, the better. With a large number of prizes, users will understand that the probability of winning is very high. These can be subscriptions, certain products, something from the store’s catalog. The main prize that has the highest value can be envisaged. Often it is a car.

What are the givas

All Giveaways can be divided into the following types:

  1. Personal. This is a competition that is organized by the blog owner within his own account. Bloggers with a large number of subscribers organize givs to please their followers. Blog owners who don’t have many subscribers run contests to attract new subscribers.
  2. Collective. This type of giveaway is more difficult to organize as it involves multiple blog owners. Some of the bloggers decide to hold a drawing and merge with other accounts with a similar audience.
  3. Branded. This is a competition organized by a brand. Participants are given branded goods and free services.

Who are sponsors

Any person or company can sponsor a Giveaway. There is only one condition – to pay for participation in the event. Usually, organizers and blog owners who run a competition do not care what kind of products the sponsors are promoting or how ethical it is to advertise.

There are, of course, exceptions. For example, Khabib Nurmagomedov (a famous sportsman) organized a personal Giveaway. Immediately after the start of the event, the athlete suspended him, refused to continue the event, unless all “unethical” brands (with naked women, advertising of alcoholic beverages and cigarettes) were removed from sponsors.

If you analyze sponsors participating in competitions, you will notice that among them there are:

  • coaches;
  • info businessmen;
  • online shopping;
  • Instagram users looking to promote their own blog.

Giv target


Giveaways are held in order to:

  • increase sales;
  • promote blogs, products, services;
  • increase the number of followers.


The event includes the following stages:

  1. Sponsors pay.
  2. Sponsored money is used to buy gifts, advertise from blog owners.
  3. A special profile is registered in the social network, where all the conditions of the drawing are published. This account becomes a subscriber to all sponsored pages.
  4. Blog owners create stories, videos, and other event-related content.
  5. Instagram users become subscribers of the contest profile and all sponsored pages.
  6. About a week later, the giveaway is live.

The purpose of sponsored accounts during the giveaway is to generate maximum interest from new subscribers so that they do not want to unsubscribe after the end of the giveaway.

How it works

Having decided to hold a competition, the blog owner can do everything on his own or use the services of organizers who create special profiles for the drawing. Followers only need to participate in the event. Terms may vary slightly, but attendees are always required to subscribe to the organizer and sponsored accounts. You may also need to take additional steps:

  1. Like the post. The simplest conditions of the competition. The organizer asks participants to become a profile subscriber and like a specific post.
  2. Tag friends. Followers are required to comment on the photo and tag a friend on it.
  3. Upload a picture. Followers need to post a picture on the social network that is associated with sponsored accounts, indicating the hashtag of the event.
  4. Repost the contest post. Subscribers must share the host account post with other users.

After that, randomly or based on certain criteria, it is selected who will receive the gifts.

The contest publication in the account of the blogger participating in the give must be worked out. It is necessary to write all the conditions of the drawing in it:

  1. The prize is what you can win, how many gifts are provided.
  2. Event duration – the blogger indicates on what date and time the winners will be selected.
  3. Order of selection of winners. You can use an RNG (random number generator) if the prizes are distributed randomly. A jury can be organized to select according to certain criteria. Sponsors and organizers of the competition can be on the jury.
  4. Conditions of participation – what the participants need to do.
  5. Hashtags – the blogger must mark the contest publication with tags that the target audience can use to find it.
  6. Photo – it must show the main prize. In addition, it must contain a link to the contest account, the date and time of the end of the contest.

How much does it cost to participate in givs

The cost of participation in the givs depends on the expected influx of new followers to sponsored accounts. The higher this indicator, the more expensive the participation. Standard price – 1 rub. for each follower.

пример Giveaway

Giveaway is far from the most effective way to promote goods, services, accounts. For example, you paid 300 thousand rubles. for participating in the give. During the competition, 250 thousand people subscribed to your account. 50 thousand of them unsubscribed immediately after the end of the event. You have 200 thousand followers left, who are also gradually unsubscribing, while most of them show no interest in the content you publish. The question is – do you need such subscribers who are practically no different from the followers obtained by cheating?

It is much better to spend the same 300 thousand rubles. to buy advertising from popular bloggers or automated promotion through one of the services, for example, Instaplus. Yes, the growth of subscribers will not be as fast as during the giveaways. But you will get followers who will like your posts, comment on them, show interest in the published content.

Why you shouldn’t use givas to promote your profile

It is not recommended to use givas for account promotion. There are much more effective ways to promote. The number of followers on an account is far from the most important indicator. It is much more important whether the subscribers are the target audience. Moreover, no one gives a guarantee that all people who subscribed to the profile during the giveaway will not unsubscribe in the future.

Bulk Subscriptions

The huge number of users who signed up for an account in one day makes it unattractive for advertisers. Any potential advertising customer will first examine the statistics for a blog. A sharp increase in followers within a short period of time will make the advertiser wonder how honestly they got subscribers.

Bulk unsubscribe

After the end of the competition, people begin to unsubscribe from sponsors en masse. Frustrated users who understand that they have not received a prize, immediately after the broadcast, go to the contest profile and click on “Unsubscribe” from all sponsors.

Those who organize Giveaway understand this. For this reason, they try to remove all sponsored accounts from the contest profile as soon as possible after the draw ends. However, this is of little help. Users go to their own subscriptions, sort by date added, and unsubscribe.

In the first 24 hours after the giveaway, at least 30 percent of the followers that were received through the competition will unsubscribe from the sponsor account. Another 20 percent will unsubscribe within a few days. The bad news is that people keep unsubscribing.

Users who have not yet unsubscribed will do this as soon as the sponsor’s posts begin to appear in their feeds. A person who does not want to see the content of sponsored accounts in their subscriptions will simply go into them and click on the “Unsubscribe” button. Instagram will interpret this as the fact that the sponsor’s content has ceased to be liked by users. As a result, the system will give up the profile and rank it as low as possible.

Not target audience

Usually teenagers aged 14-18 take part in the giveaways. Teens are eager to receive gifts from sponsors, and only participate in contests for this. They are not interested in sponsored profile content. Moreover, they may not even know what topic the sponsors’ accounts are associated with. This is due to the fact that the actions of the user participating in the give look like this:

  • go to the contest profile;
  • go to subscriptions for this account;
  • click the subscribe button for all sponsored accounts (you do not need to go to them).

The sponsor should not hope that the giveaway participants will like his posts in the future, comment on them. There is no question of increasing the number of sales.

Decrease in coverage

Instagram ranks the feed for your followers based on a variety of smart algorithms that determine how engaging an account’s posts are to your audience. The key parameter of these calculations is the level of involvement. It shows how often followers like posts, comment on them, and make reposts. Even how much time users spend viewing your content affects how posts are ranked.

If earlier your posts were of interest to followers, since most of them were personally acquainted with you, then after Giveaway everything changes dramatically. Most of your subscribers start out by users who signed up for an account just for the prize. Your profile for them is no different from hundreds of other sponsored accounts. They will show almost no activity, they will scroll through your publications as quickly as possible. Only the message that you are running a giveaway can attract their attention.

As a result, the engagement index will decrease several times, which will provoke a decrease in coverage. This, in turn, will further reduce engagement. Eventually, your content will appear in the bottom positions, and some followers will not see it at all.

Sanctions from Instagram

Instagram does not support Giveaway, hinders their organization. The most common sanctions are:

  • blocking contest accounts;
  • introduction of restrictions on the number of simultaneous subscriptions;
  • block giv-related posts.

Sometimes Instagram even blocks the blogs that the givs have posted.

Another disadvantage is that due to blocking, the transparency of participation in the event for followers is lost:

  1. The blog owner publishes the contest video by attaching a link to the account to subscribe to. Users go to this profile and add all sponsors to their subscriptions.
  2. Instagram is deleting the contest profile.
  3. The host asks to subscribe to a new contest account.
  4. Instagram is repeating the deletion procedure.

What happens is that Instagram removes 5-10 contest accounts. All profiles, to which the first participants subscribed, simply stop taking part in the drawing.

Money Spent

By sponsoring giveaways, the advertiser runs the risk of wasting money. Faking popularity is unlikely to increase sales or improve blog statistics. By participating in the give, the sponsor will receive an inappropriate audience, most of which is not solvent. The result is a deterioration in the statistics of the sponsored account on Instagram (the disadvantages of mass subscriptions were mentioned above), money wasted ineffectively.

Can you turn givas to your advantage?


A sponsor can benefit more from Giveaway if he or she constantly organizes cash contests. This will help increase the engagement index and retain at least some of the new followers.

Also, the efficiency of the give is increased by:

  1. Targeting posts to your followers to gain attention.
  2. Constant participation in Giveaway for leveling unsubscriptions by new followers.
  3. Buying winding likes, comments. Boosting likes and comments allows the profile to look “live”. Unfortunately, this is just an imitation, which also disappears after a while (the winding followers start to unsubscribe).

The latter is often done by new bloggers hoping to sell ads at a high price and offset at least some of the giveaway costs. However, this is unlikely to be done today. If years earlier it was possible to attract an inexperienced advertiser who wrote to direct, who could not check statistical data, now there are special Internet services. They allow you to check blog statistics to avoid being cheated.

To consolidate the result of subscriptions, the sponsor must create high-quality content and regularly publish it on his page. You also need to disable all external services related to mass subscriptions and likes. It is recommended to use targeted advertising, collaborate with other blog owners. This will reduce the number of users who unsubscribe from you after the giveaway.

Remember that there are a lot of scams in Give away. Even in a verified chat, an imaginary organizer can write to you with the same nickname with which he creates announcements. In the future, it turns out that it was the scammer who copied the profile and was simply collecting funds. For this reason, the sponsor needs to remain vigilant. You should not blindly respond to invitations to contests, especially if the “organizer” immediately sends payment details.

Participating in givas, you cannot overdo it. Do not use Giveaway alone for promotion. If you have less than 1 thousand followers, reach a thousand subscribers in other ways. This will allow you to reach the minimum number of target audience. If you have 1-3 thousand followers, it is better to participate in a small competition (with a projected increase in subscribers up to 7 thousand). In the future, you can combine such giveaways with other promotion methods.

If the number of your followers is close to 10 thousand, you can participate in Giveaway with a planned increase of up to 15 thousand. It is advisable to take part in contests no more than once a month.

To search for sweepstakes, you can use special chats in WhatsApp, Telegram. These can be both general social media marketing chats, and special ones related only to givs. If this is your first time communicating with the organizer, get information about him from those who have already collaborated with him. This will allow you to avoid scammers.


Whether to take part in Giveaway or not is up to you. If all you need is imitation of popularity, the answer is obvious. For all other purposes, there are more effective ways to promote – advertising from bloggers, automated promotion services.

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