What is monetization on Youtube

What is monetization on Youtube

For some, Youtube is a site where you can watch various movies, shows, music videos and all other kinds of content. However, for video writers, this is a way to make money. This is the reason why video authors ask their subscribers to share their content, leave likes or comments. The more views you have on Youtube, the more your income will be. However, only a few people manage to make their profile popular. It is not only necessary to post interesting and compelling videos, but also to use other methods of promoting accounts in order to be able to hope to get paid by Youtube.

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Qu’est-ce que la monétisation sur Youtube

Monetization on Youtube

There are several methods on how to make money on Youtube. Some people own an internet store and leave a link to their site in a video, while others earn profit from advertising. Monetization on Youtube is an official method of making money from your channel. Profits are derived from contextual advertisements appearing during the video. The advertisement can be absolutely any and is shown in several places of Youtube. Many users have noticed that they can only start watching their videos after 5, 10, or 15 seconds of advertising. Additionally, a channel owner receives a monetary reward every time a user clicks on an ad link while watching a video.

How to monetize your Youtube account

How much does Youtube pay? Youtube profits from contextual advertising are not available to all users who own a channel on Youtube. In addition to simply registering on the site and creating a channel, moderation is required to allow advertising. Only users with more than 10,000 views on their channel can request moderator monetization. The application is submitted through the creative studio menu, in which you select the item “Status and functions”, then “monetization”. It is not always possible to enable monetization and an error message may appear. In this situation, just go to settings and change the country of registration. Experienced bloggers have already noticed that the moderation phase is always easier and faster when the channel is registered in the United States. In addition, it is necessary to show the format of the advertisements that will be viewed by your viewers. It is best to choose “all formats” in order to increase the moderation success rate on the video hosting site.

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Should we trigger monetization on Youtube

If for some reason an account administrator decides to start making profits on Youtube from advertising, they need to go to options and trigger monetization. It is possible to connect advertisements to certain videos in the Youtube settings. In other words, a channel administrator can independently set the type of monetization for each of their videos. It also helps not to lose subscribers and even get new ones as users usually don’t like it when there are too many ads. This is the reason why it is best not to use pop-up ads on all videos.

Qu’est-ce que la monétisation sur Youtube

What Kinds of Videos Save You Money from Serving Ads

The Youtube administration has established a rule that it is possible to earn cash income by allowing the display of contextual ads in its videos. Not all video clips make money on Youtube. For example, a channel administrator posting videos with vulgar language, violent, adult content, or dangerous actions, will not be able to activate monetization on Youtube. In addition, it is also impossible to make money on Youtube from videos that are discriminatory in nature, contain content that is insulting, provocative, or promoting the use of drugs, tobacco, alcohol, firearms, or incitement to terrorism. . This is why it is not worth breaking the rules of the video hosting site if you do not want your channel or account to be blocked for too many violations. Before posting a video on your profile, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the community’s terms of service. You should also read the Affiliate Program and AdSense Program rules. If you follow all of the above rules, you will be able to activate monetization and earn a lot of money. Remember, however, that your content must be interesting in order to increase the number of views and attract the attention of new subscribers to your channel.

How to own a high ranking channel on Youtube

Many users dream of promoting their channel as quickly as possible on the world-famous video hosting platform. To do this, it is obviously necessary to publish interesting and quality content. However, there are also other methods to increase its popularity, some of which are paid. Among the paid methods of increasing your profile rank on Youtube, it is possible to buy advertisements from famous bloggers. However, this method can very quickly become very expensive, especially for a novice blogger. There are cheaper but equally effective ways to increase the number of subscribers or views on your Youtube channel. To do so, simply ask for help from the specialists of the All-SMM service, who will help you in record time to increase the rank of your channel. These specialists know all the tricks to increase the ranking of your channel without breaking the rules of Youtube. The price of the service is reasonable and you will get results in the shortest time. If you don’t want to spend money promoting your Youtube channel, it is quite possible to develop yourself. To do this, create profiles on other social networks and ask your friends to share your posts or leave comments.

Senior channel administrators obviously make a lot of money, and that without having to leave their homes. However, in order to achieve such results, it is necessary for them to make great efforts and invest money themselves during the initial stages of development. Each user is entitled to choose for himself the method of account promotion. However, if the user has the desire to gain profits from monetizing their account, it is best to seek the help of professionals who specialize in promoting accounts on social networks.

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