What is smart tape and how does it work

What is smart tape and how does it work
Что такое умная лента и как она работает If you are on social networks, you probably wondered what a smart feed is and how it works. Many people neglect the functions of this tool, although even from it you can derive your own benefit. Today’s article is just about this topic.

What is smart feed

The answer to the question of what is a smart feed is quite simple. The algorithm of this tool is built in such a way as to show the user only materials that are interesting to him and news above the rest. It will be unique for everyone.

Что такое умная лента

Your device remembers which links you follow, what you see most often, who you like and comment on, etc. Then, through analysis, a chain of priority records is built. Of course, the smart feed does not know what a site header is, but even from here it will be able to unhook the information it needs. She constantly “learns” and “learns” anything you need.

How the smart feed on VKontakte works

Now let’s take a look at how the smart feed on VKontakte works. As we already know, it shows the user posts that are relevant and interesting to him. It will be indispensable for those who are subscribed to a large number of groups and pages. It will be enough to click on the button “Interesting first” in the “News” section, and the algorithm will display the necessary information.

Как работает умная лента в ВКонтакте

Also, the smart feed is useful for the owners of communities and publics. With its help, you can increase your target audience and reach in general. Many actively use it along with contextual targeted advertising and achieve good success.

Smart feed on Instagram: how it works

Next, it will be interesting to consider how the smart feed on Instagram works. The news feed is ranked according to the degree of interest in posts among the audience. In other words, the social network shows the content that has the greatest response from the audience.

The algorithm is based on the individual characteristics of each user account, choosing the best material for him. Activity, geographic location, etc. are taken into account.

Умная лента в Инстаграм: как работает

During the publication of a photo, the algorithm puts it on display for 10-20% of subscribers, and if the audience actively meets it with likes and comments, then it will move on. To some extent, the work looks like breadcrumbs on a website, which are easy for a specialist working in this field to do.

How to disable smart feed

Sometimes users have a question about how to disable Smart Ribbon. We will be happy to answer it. More recently, a function has appeared to watch only “in-demand” news. Opinions on this innovation were divided.

Как отключить умную ленту

If you need to disable this function, you need to go to the “News” section and on the right under the categories there will be an item “Interesting first”. You will need to move the lever to the other side. Everything is quite simple, like running Yandex Direct, which is very popular now.

Smart feed is a great tool to help you spend time comfortably on social networks. At the same time, you will not need to waste time looking at uninteresting posts. What do you think about this?

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