What is SMM promotion: how does this advertising work

What is SMM promotion: how does this advertising work
SMM – что это такое и как работает Website or brand promotion using social networks is perhaps the most interesting and atypical way of an advertising campaign, but at the same time it is very successful and popular. This article will help those who are just deciding to plunge into the world of SMM promotion and tell you about what it is and how it works.

What is SMM in simple words

And so, let’s find out what SMM advertising is in simple words and how it works. SMM or (Social Media Marketing) is the promotion of a product or brand using social networks, its task is to attract traffic, create a positive brand and product reputation, and of course work with the audience.

Social networks have long ceased to be just a hobby and a form of leisure, they literally draw people into themselves, turning into a second life, life online. Not surprisingly, in this situation, business tried to come into this life. But the imposition of goods, aggressive marketing and attempts to drag people who have come to rest and have fun will not lead to anything, and in the worst case, it will “kill” the brand’s reputation.

What is the essence of SMM work

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The main essence of SMM work is to attract an audience of social networks to the site using thematic communities. The audience of social networks has already caught up, if not outgrown in terms of quantity, even television, and at the same time it is much more active both in the participation of the life of the social network and in terms of the availability of topics. Therefore, a simple display of contextual advertising for a quick start will let you attract people, but it will not work for the development of trusting relationships as in SMM.

The basis of SMM promotion rests precisely on communities (groups) by attracting the target audience, having feedback, and building trust between community members and the brand.

Key features of SMM

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Key features in site promotion using SMM: search engines are not involved, but upon detailed study, this fact will seem even a plus. Search engine algorithms have a tendency to constantly change, which leads to the need to adapt to these changes.

Using website promotion using SMM, you will always work only with a warm audience that is interested in your product or service.

Advertising with the participation of SMM should be unobtrusive (hidden) and not annoying. It is important to remember that in social networks, having lost interest in you, people will simply leave, and just one mistake can ruin long work.

Based on the previous point, in order to promote the community and in the future your site, it is important to build competent communication with your subscribers. You need to clearly understand what and to whom you want to offer, what are the advantages of your offer, but at the same time always remain interesting for your target audience. On social networks, people come to rest!

In terms of building trust and longevity, SMM is similar to content marketing promoting a website with articles, but we have already written about it earlier. The only difference is that promotion using social networks can start making a profit much earlier.

Basic SMM Tools

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The main tools are social networks, which are constantly changing and developing, and SMM is developing along with them. You can increase the demand for services and attract people in different ways, here we want to list the main tools that have proven themselves by time, which are used by SMMs.

Content . Without content, the promotion of the community is impossible in principle and it depends on it whether you will come to success, and how effective the other tools will be.

Feedback. Community management is directly related to communication with users and the availability of feedback. You will not be able to immediately respond to all questions in a large group, but try to set a clear response time for yourself, for example, 1 hour. Doing this alone will be problematic, and you will need assistants, you can find out how to assign an administrator to a group on Vkontakte in one of our articles. It will also be useful to collect the most popular questions and write a collection of answers to them FAQ.

Working with bloggers . One of the fairly popular SMM tools, attracting a famous blogger to advertise your brand. In entertainment such as social media, the influence of media personalities on audiences is quite large, not to mention their vast audiences.

Organic Ads . Speaking of advertising where there is already a large audience of subscribers, you cannot ignore organic advertising, which is paid advertising of your group in already large communities;

Contests . Using contests to advertise your group is an old, but equally effective way. The types of the most famous contests include: contests for repost, guessing or mentioning friends. Choose a contest that is interesting for your target audience, make it as simple as possible, set clear rules of the game, and the rest of the users will do the rest for you.


We have listed the main tools for SMM and talked about the key features that distinguish this type of website promotion from competitors. But in the end, we also want to note that the method of promotion in social networks is developing by leaps and bounds, and this progress will only grow. Social networks draw more and more people into their funnel every day, human participation is not limited to only one of them, and they all develop, offering something unique and new. Now no one can predict what social networks will turn into in 5, 10 or 15 years, but one thing is clear, there will be demand for them, there will be people in them, which means there will always be a place for business.

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