What posts not to post on Facebook and Instagram?

What posts not to post on Facebook and Instagram?

Much has been written about the most engaging posts in social media. So it’s time to discuss what content is not welcomed by our fans and followers on Facebook and Instagram. Below you will find a list of content / posts that you should avoid.

First, let’s think about the main reasons why we are posting bad and ineffective. First, we lack creativity and idea. However, we feel under pressure that we need to post something just to keep from losing space in the content display algorithm and to keep in touch with fans. Secondly, we want to build strong commitment and try to get it every possible way. Competition is just waiting for us to stumble over us in the new Sotrender report. Thirdly, because the customer who pays us wants such posts because they are in line with his vision of the brand (this opinion is not necessarily shared by his consumers). In this case, we can only gently “negotiate” to explain the results at the end of the month anyway 😉

Viral posts

I know that a funny video with a kitten will get you a lot of reactions. However, when you run a fan page about gutters or a vegetable store, this poor cat will fit your content in no way. It will probably get a lot of engagement, but it will also irritate a large number of fans and followers, which will result in many of them canceling their subscriptions. You must remember that the content should be related to the business you conduct. Don’t post something just because it clicks well here and there.

This also applies to holidays such as “cat’s day”, “kiss day” etc. Do not try to force content and link it to your brand . Everything should come out naturally.

How do I create viral content?

Drop Politics and Religion

Among the users of social networking sites you will find followers of all religions, supporters of any political party or social movement. These three topics when it comes to generating engagement are indisputably at the top of the community’s list. Unfortunately for you, you have clients from every faction. Therefore, if you do not want to lose some of your income, you should not comment on the above topics. Even if you are wholeheartedly behind some social cause or political party. This can lead to the loss of customers who think in categories other than you. In extreme cases, their disappointment will be so great that they decide to make your life difficult with low grades, negative comments in various places on the Internet. There are also “hunts” and organized actions against “opponents of the only right cause”. I became a target myself some time ago, so I don’t recommend…

Add anything to make it

We often post content that we do forcefully. I am not a hypocrite and I admit without hitting that I have published such posts myself.

It is better to refrain from publishing the content and work on it longer to make it better quality. Pay particular attention to:

– spelling errors

– visual sphere

– publication time

It lands in users’ newsfeeds (even after filtering ) huge amount of content. Therefore, they do not hesitate to delete those accounts that provide unfinished and simply ugly content. Working for several years in digital media, I know that one polished and interesting content can generate as much traffic and engagement than 5-10 content made “on an alibi”.

There are fan pages based on memes. The ugliness of the content they post is most acceptable, even desirable. However, you should avoid this type of content when conducting communication or sales activities for a given brand. Alternatively, you can take advantage of their ingenuity and turn into a more eye-friendly form.

Too much promotional content

Social media is used to follow friends, seek entertainment and feed your ego and mental well-being with plenty of likes or followers. This is not a product catalog that we browse with the same flushed faces as the new Ikea catalog.

Social media and the content you post are meant to arouse emotions, entertain and intrigue. Thanks to this, you build brand recognition and engage users. Only when you achieve this goal, you can start thinking about selling or even collecting leads. And you will do so not with organic posts like “buy a brick”, but with ads targeting non-standard audiences such as “users who have reacted with page content” and using a lookalike audience.

korzystanie z social media

A lie has short legs

The title of the link or text, and the description of the video are a promise to users. If you break it, you will lose their trust (and remember that getting a new client is 6x more expensive than using the current one). Each content you post must be properly described and inform the fan what they will see after clicking the link or the play button.

Clickbait sensational website titles keep working and keep generating traffic. Even despite the fact that Facebook has significantly limited their reach in the last year. However, you must remember that it is not the website mechanism that drives them, but ordinary human curiosity and following the sensation. So don’t use titles like “Add this magic ingredient to your salad and your mother-in-law will love you” or “This simple trick will allow you to increase your Facebook engagement by 200%.” Unless you’ve actually discovered something groundbreaking and your audience will thank you for it.

The same applies to the use of hashtags. One of the basic rules is to use only those that relate to the content. So you don’t add #fproof or #catsofinstagram to your photo of your outfit for the evening.

Old school videos

It’s about video content that doesn’t engage in the first 3 seconds. Unfortunately, in Poland, video content posted on Facebook or Instagram is heavily underdeveloped. They do not respect the time that recipients devote to them. You can read more about it in the material linked below and I encourage you to click it.

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