What services does an aspiring Instagram blogger use?

What services does an aspiring Instagram blogger use?

Hi, my name is Maxim and I am the admin of an entertainment public on Instagram (and a little shop). I’ll tell you what services I use almost every day. It turns out the top 7 most needed Instagram apps. Enjoy.

Important note – I am not doing anything on a laptop, only on an Android phone. Therefore, I use sites and applications (I will also provide links to the iPhone).

Page content

Creation of images – Crello

I take almost all content from our site, but for promotions and interesting intros I use Crello.


For me, such a service is primarily not an editor, but a generator of ideas. Since my imagination is tight, first of all I need to get an idea for a banner somewhere. The easiest way to use a template is because they have specified dimensions (for example, a post or a story on Instagram).

Most of the time is spent on fonts 🙁 I love to choose them. The more I like that Cyrillic ones are immediately selected.

Pictures – Unsplash

By the way, I get the pictures from Unsplash.


This is a large library of shareware images. I use them for stories and different categories.

If it’s really tight, then I climb on Freepik for some graphics or idea.

Redograph – telegram bot for paragraphs in the text. Because you need to write longreads, and I really don’t like it when the text merges.


This is the easiest way to add paragraphs to Instagram.

Statistics – Instaplus

It’s very strange, but I look at my statistics in Instaplus and trendHERO.

Instaplus was originally for mass following and other automation, but I use it to track my statistics + auto-posting.


That is, every morning I watch my subscriber schedule grow. It is convenient for me, because there are convenient filters: 7 and 30 days. Why not in Instagram itself – maybe this is my problem, but I am not showing the audience for today. That is, for example, if today is Thursday, then Instagram Insight will have statistics for Wednesday or even Tuesday. Which is extremely inconvenient if I launch ads today and expect an influx 🙂

In trendHERO I checked my account once for free and now I periodically go to see the statistics so that the number of “bad” subscribers does not increase.


Links – Tilda

I don’t use taplink or similar services because I have a site on Tilda (which is a simple service for creating landing pages). I can create any page with links and even made a store.

Photo Editing – Snapseed

I have practically no photos and videos in my account – I don’t need to bother with filters and processing. Therefore, I only have snapseed (iPhone and Android) and nothing for video editing. Write in the comments what you are using, please.

Comments – Facebook Pages Manager

In addition to the Instagram application itself, I also use Facebook Pages Manager (iPhone and Android) on my phone to see comments on old posts – notifications get lost very quickly among thousands of likes. Tried Chotam, Starcomment and livedune pro, but somehow not right 🙁

If you somehow optimized the receipt of comments, please write.

What have I forgotten?

I’m sure I forgot something. Feel free to write in the comments what you are using or what problem you are solving. If you do everything in Photoshop, for example, write about it too;)


If you have a useful case, life hack or collection of tools, we will gladly publish it on our blog. Write in the comments.

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