What to do in 2021 to attract followers on Instagram

What to do in 2021 to attract followers on Instagram

The main rule of promoting a profile on Instagram is the publication of content that is useful, relevant and interesting to the target audience. But it is not always possible to attract subscribers, increase coverage, and the number of likes and comments will turn out quickly with the help of natural growth. This is especially difficult to achieve in the early stages, when the account was created recently. I have selected for you a whole collection of services that will help you attract subscribers to Instagram without risking your account.

What will help attract followers on Instagram

I think everyone knows that the promotion of an account depends on many factors. Here are a few life hacks that you can use to speed up the promotion:

  1. The profile must be properly styled. I have met many times with a situation where the content in the account is good, and people do not subscribe due to the illiterate design of the profile header. When a user visits a page, he must clearly understand who he is dealing with. Therefore, the account must have a suitable nickname, description, buttons for other social networks, and a high-quality avatar. It is important to verify your account and obtain a business profile.
  2. Make sure there are fewer ads in your account. For 5-10 useful posts or stories, you can include 1 ad. Otherwise, the profile will look like spam, the audience will quickly unsubscribe from such accounts.
  3. Use all possible methods of advertising and profile promotion, actively interact with the audience.
  4. Research your competitors and target audience. Try to keep the specifics in mind when creating and publishing content.
  5. Use hashtags and geotags.
  6. Be active yourself. Post comments under other people’s posts and stories, leave feedback to subscribers. Go live, post and post regularly.
  7. Use games, sweepstakes, contests and other profile activities. Think carefully about the terms and conditions and do not make such tricks too frequent in your account.
  8. Use paid promotion methods. On Instagram for business accounts, it is possible to promote both a single post and a whole profile. Order ads from bloggers with a similar target audience and topic.
  9. Use mass following and massliking. Create WOW content with great visuals and text.

Please note that the methods of attracting followers on Instagram can be different. Use everything whenever possible, especially those that are free and work like word of mouth. There are also tons of helper services that can automate and facilitate the acquisition of new subscribers. I used many on my own, some I like more, others less. Today I am happy to share this information with you.

как привлечь подписчиков в инстаграм is a service that knows how to attract followers on Instagram. It is multifunctional and convenient, capable of filling all accounts in different social networks with content for several weeks in advance. Moreover, it will not take days and hours – only 10-15 minutes and the work will be done. There is a test period – 2 weeks, when you can try and evaluate the service, experience first hand how convenient it is to use process automation.

SmmBox can set up delayed posting for 7 social networks, including Instagram. He knows how to work with stories, visual and text content. Autoposting is suitable for business and personal accounts, works smoothly around the clock. The service helps to delete posts in time, put emoticons, hashtags and gifs.

Another feature is the ability to search for ready-made content that can be copied to a profile. And images can be uploaded in whole batches by adding watermarks. If you are working with a team, then SMMBox comes in handy here too. Moreover, you will be able to see in real time which of the employees is doing what, adjust and coordinate the work of the team.

способы привлечения подписчиков в инстаграмеThis service can work with different social networks, promoting accounts in them and automating processes. He tells you how to attract your first Instagram followers and expand your audience. You can separately order likes, new subscribers, comments, video views and stories. The functionality and interface of the service is simple and convenient. Registration will take just a few minutes.

как привлечь живых подписчиков в инстаграм This is another online service for automating the work of Instagram and other social networks. He knows how to publish content on a given schedule, is engaged in analytics, providing relevant data in a convenient form. With Pur.Ninja, you can manage content on different sites at the same time, make new and repeated publications, delete posts that have become irrelevant.

The platform has a smart post editor, when all template work can be done once, and then only make adjustments. Pur.Ninja makes it possible to work in a team, determining the level of activity and level of access for each employee.

In your office you have access to full analytics. It deals with stories and posts. The platform analyzes interaction with subscribers and audience engagement. The service provides several tariff plans, there is a trial test period. Within a week you will be able to get acquainted with the service, to understand whether it suits you or not.

сервис помогающий в накрутке лайковLikeinsta is a service that helps in boosting likes, increasing the number of subscribers, and promoting in social networks. Here you can use the services for free or purchase a paid plan with extended functionality. Already a few minutes after using the platform, your profile will become more active: more likes and new subscribers will appear.

Moreover, you can promote different types of business accounts using Likeinsta. The platform works around the clock, performing many actions in automatic mode. The service is the real answer to the question of how to attract live followers on Instagram. No passwords or logins, additional programs and actions are required. Everything is easily configured in your personal account. You just need to provide a link to your post or profile.

как привлечь много подписчиков в инстаграмеBossLike is another service that provides the ability to promote accounts on Instagram and other social networks. Here you can work out the profile in a complex, using the necessary tools.

BossLike helps you gain likes, followers, make your account more popular and your audience more active. Already a few minutes after you start using the service, you will see new likes and subscriptions. Living people will start to leave comments.

сервис для продвижения аккаунта в Инстаграм Insmm is, in my opinion, one of the best and simplest services for promoting an account on Instagram and other social networks. It will be especially useful for those who need to work with several profiles and communities at once. Register and start using the platform to automate Instagram promotion.

Plan and post online, get new subscribers, likes and comments. In addition, the service has a built-in photo editor that allows you to optimize and improve visual content. With insmm, you can publish posts and stories, set up automatic and deferred posting, preview the created material and leave it in drafts for further editing.

Insmm allows you to track statistics on social networks, make timely adjustments to both the content and the conditions for its publication. This will increase the posting efficiency and help promote your profile faster. Moreover, the service is constantly being updated, replenished with new functionality. There is a free plan and professional packages with different payment sizes and functionality.


как привлечь целевых подписчиков в инстаграм Targethunter is a powerful tool that is especially popular among SMM professionals. He will tell you how to attract targeted followers on Instagram and will help you to do this quickly. The platform includes more than 150 different tools that will help promote your account, increase its reach, traffic, user activity, and the number of subscribers.

Targethunter allows you to automate many processes. Specify the required parameters, upload to the ad account and get the result. In addition to convenience and automation, the platform helps to save a significant amount on promotion. After all, it perfectly weeds out cold audiences that are not interested in content.

There is a bonus program, round-the-clock support, an opportunity to try the service for free and evaluate its functionality. Another significant advantage of Targethunter is the availability of detailed analytics presented in an easy-to-understand form. Find out more about what your audience is interested in and create content that hits right on target.

Especially for Pro SMM, the guys from Hunter made a promo code: prosmmcom

The introduction of which upon registration will give you:

  • Search for target audience (VK): 2 days of access + 1 month as a gift when buying from 3 months
  • Target audience search (OK): 2 days of access + 1 month as a gift when buying from 3 months
  • Moderator: 14 days of access + 1 month as a gift when purchasing from 3 months
  • Advertising account: 14 days of access + 1 month as a gift when purchasing from 3 months
  • Training courses: 10% discount when buying for rubles

уникальный сервис для продвижения Инстаграм Zengram is a unique service that is used to promote a large number of people involved in SMM. It works with different social networks, but is more suitable for Instagram. There is a free period when you can try the functions of the program, study the interface and see if this service is right for you. There are different tariff packages, among which you can choose the one that suits you.

Zengram is able to wind up followers, comments and likes, view stories and videos. You can configure it once, optimize it for your needs and goals, and then it will take over all the routine work. The assigned tasks will be completed in the shortest possible time and with maximum effect. Technical support is always in touch, quickly resolves any issues that have arisen.

как быстро привлечь подписчиков в инстаграм is an online service that can work with different social networks, including Instagram. With its help, you can automatically wind up likes, comments, the number of subscribers and users who responded to questionnaires, as well as coverage and views. At any time, you can pause the promotion of the profile, restart the process, or change the speed of the actions performed by the program.

A unique feature of the service is that after a certain period of time it makes it possible to receive the necessary actions in the account for free. The longer you use the platform, the higher the chance to save on promotion.

как привлечь подписчиков в инстаграм0 is a service that offers high-quality and fast promotion on Instagram and other social networks. It attracts new users, increases traffic and reach, increases activity in your account. Everything happens automatically. If the service is configured correctly, it selects for you only subscribers from among the target audience interested in your content. There is an opportunity to try SocialKit for free, and the platform also offers several tariff plans.

как привлечь подписчиков в инстаграм1

This is a platform that will help answer the question of how to attract many followers on Instagram in a short time without the risk of account blocking and other penalties. The service also works with other social networks. It is easy to configure, operates in automatic mode around the clock. Smoservice increases the activity of users on your profile, attracts the target audience to the subscription. There are free and paid plans, premium turnkey page promotion, and a well-thought-out system of discounts.

Smoservice offers analytics data, shows what tasks are being solved at the moment. He uses different methods and tools to promote his profile. The number of likes, subscribers, comments, views of stories and posts is increasing. Masslooking, verification, advertising and other promotion methods are available.

как привлечь подписчиков в инстаграм2 When creating a selection of services that will help you promote your Instagram account, I can’t help but mention Spam Guard. This is a unique tool that will allow you to optimize your profile in a short time and make it more attractive to your audience.

The service is able to clear the account of inactive profiles and subscriptions, easily recognizes bots and removes them from pages. With the help of Spam Guard, you can selectively or “stack” delete all unnecessary. A few minutes and mouse clicks are enough for this. The platform provides a detailed report on the actions taken and the results achieved.

Why do I mention this service among the platforms that know how to wind up likes and directly promote the profile? Because a “clean” account, in which a minimum of bots, ads, inactive users, looks more attractive to the Instagram audience itself and to search robots. And all this influences the promotion sometimes no less than likes and comments.

как привлечь подписчиков в инстаграм3 PostMarket is a service that helps to effectively and quickly promote any, even a little-promoted business on Instagram. The platform is specially designed to select bloggers and think over advertising campaigns for you. It facilitates and automates many promotion processes. In just 2-3 minutes, you can create an effective ad and launch it. During the day, bloggers will show the product or service to the audience, increasing the activity on the business account.

Working in PostMarket is simple and convenient. It does not take much time and is highly effective. You can choose what you are willing to pay for: for ad views, clicks, or targeted actions, and select basic targeting settings. All bloggers and influencers who are admitted by the platform to advertise their profile have been thoroughly vetted.

как привлечь подписчиков в инстаграм4 Likesrock is a whole set of tools needed to promote a business account on Instagram. Powerful software, multifunctionality, built-in browser – this is not a complete list of Likesrock’s advantages over its competitors.

The service has a simple management, intuitive interface, suitable for professionals and beginners in SMM. A special program is installed on the computer that will simplify the configuration of profile promotion. You will need to register and transfer money. Then choose what task you set for the program, launch it into operation by clicking on the “Run” button. From this moment on, the task will be solved automatically without your participation.

как привлечь подписчиков в инстаграм5 This is a service that works with Instagram and other social networks. He knows how to wind up followers and likes. And in order to use the service, you just need to register, upload money, specify the country, link to the post, service speed and other parameters.

The platform works in automatic mode, does not cause account blocking and is very easy to use. The developers have thought out a system of discounts: the more money you uploaded to your account, the cheaper each action of the service will cost.


как привлечь подписчиков в инстаграм6 BeLiked is an online platform specifically designed to tell you how to attract new followers on Instagram, increase your reach and other metrics on your profile. This is a whole set of tools that allows you to quickly and effectively promote any profile on this social network. Here you can access mass following and mass liking, automatic viewing of stories, filtering and unsubscribing from unnecessary accounts.

Another significant advantage of the service is the provision of detailed statistics on the subscriber base, which will allow you to create an extremely accurate portrait of the target audience and select content for its desires and needs. Profile will become more recognizable with BeLiked.

There is a publication planner and auto-posting, it is possible to work with comments, stories and posts. Set up an automatic welcome for new subscribers and use other features of the service that will distinguish you from competitors and help you promote.


как привлечь подписчиков в инстаграм7 This service has a very simple and user-friendly interface. From the first minutes of being here, it becomes clear what and how to do to promote your profile. YOU will be able to choose a social network and target actions.

Usually, promotion on Instagram using MRpopular is carried out by cheating likes, views, comments, reposts, new subscribers and other actions. You can choose a suitable tariff plan, indicate with whom you will promote your account – by attracting bots or human beings.


как привлечь подписчиков в инстаграм8 Godlikes is another convenient and multifunctional service for promoting on Instagram and other social networks. The platform allows you to increase the number of likes, comments, live subscribers, video views, stories and posts. It works efficiently and safely for your profile, performs tasks as naturally and accurately as possible.

Already a few minutes after launch, you will see the first results in your profile. There is access to statistics. The site interface and work with it are extremely simple, do not require any specific knowledge and skills. On your first visit, you will be prompted to go through a quick registration. The cost of using the service depends on the number of actions.

Seolit ​​

как привлечь подписчиков в инстаграм9 Seolit ​​is a service that has proven its effectiveness, ease of use, security and versatility. It can be used to launch auto-posting, deferred posting and cross-posting across all your sites. Moreover, it is absolutely safe for accounts.

The developer offers to receive detailed statistics in real time when using the service, to track which sources the traffic is coming from. There is also a package of software capabilities to edit and optimize content. You can watermark your photos, add hashtags, geo and UTM tags.

There is another advantage of Seolit. The service will be able to automatically fit images to the desired size, crop, enlarge or reduce. You can also set up automatic deletion of posts when they are no longer relevant. The cost of using the service is fixed and affordable, regardless of how much work was done and what kind.


способы привлечения подписчиков в инстаграме0 GetComment is a convenient multifunctional service, mainly aimed at increasing the number of comments on Instagram. With its help, you can get high-quality comments from living people. When ordering a servant, you indicate the link to the post and the desired number of comments below it.

It is noteworthy that the developers have made it easier for users to checkout. They developed and launched a telegram bot that automatically accepts applications and sends a report with texts. The system is thought out so that there is no risk of getting banned or penalties from the social network. Everything looks natural and is done by ordinary people. GetComment offers several tariff plans, among which you can choose the one that suits you.


способы привлечения подписчиков в инстаграме1 Avi1 is an online platform that helps promote and promote accounts on 12 different social networks. The service works in automatic mode, has a simple and intuitive interface. With it, you can increase the number of likes, comments, followers. The cost of promotion depends on the ordered service. Moreover, bots and live people can perform the necessary actions for you.


способы привлечения подписчиков в инстаграме2 Instaplus.pro is a multifunctional and convenient service for promoting accounts in social networks, including Instagram. The target audience is automatically attracted to the profile, and the number of subscribers is gradually growing.

The service allows you to work in a team, limit or expand the capabilities of each of its members. The system can be operated both by personal accounts that have decided to promote their name, and by organizations: online stores, advertising agencies, various types of business.

To start the promotion, it is enough to enter a nickname or a link to the desired account in the required field on the site. Then you need to select the actions you want to receive, configure the parameters of the target audience.

Using this platform, you can set up automatic posting, unsubscribe from inactive and commercial accounts, work with users in the directory. Instaplus.pro also allows you to set up mass following and masslooking and much more. There is cloud storage, thanks to which it is easy to work on Instagram promotion even on the road.

There are several tariff plans, among which everyone will find a suitable option.


способы привлечения подписчиков в инстаграме3 This is another platform that will help promote accounts on 13 social networks, including Instagram. Here you can buy likes, comments, subscriptions, views, and other activities in your profile. The platform is distinguished by high quality of service, the ability to choose a suitable package for cost, goals and speed of obtaining results.

The service works only with bots, does not attract live subscribers with real accounts. The order is processed within a few minutes, and on the same day you will receive a visible result. For some types of services, the service developers provide a guarantee of up to 1 month.


способы привлечения подписчиков в инстаграме4 DoctorSMM is one of the most affordable multifunctional service that provides services in the field of SMM promotion. He works with 10 social networks, including Instagram.

He knows how to work around the clock and automatically. Moreover, it can perform a variety of actions for you: wind up likes, views, subscribers, make comments and reposts. Some services are guaranteed for up to 1 month. The service works quickly and efficiently. The platform offers different packages to choose from.


способы привлечения подписчиков в инстаграме5 Olike is a popular and convenient service for promoting profiles in different social networks. Users are asked to choose on which site they need to promote their account, and then select a suitable list of targeted actions. This can be likes, comments, filling out surveys, new subscribers.

Actions are performed by living people, and therefore there is practically no risk of account ban and other problems. Everything looks natural. The capabilities of the service allow you to get up to 100,000 likes for the specified post or any number of subscribers. In terms of functionality, the service compares favorably with competitors. Therefore, be sure to take a closer look at it and try it in action.

As a conclusion

These services are efficient, functional and safe to use. I tried many myself and was satisfied. Others have minor drawbacks. Of course, you shouldn’t use all platforms at once. Pick 1 or 2 from the list, give it a try and decide if it’s right for you. Many services have a free plan or a trial period, so you can try them out for free.

Of course, these are not all life hacks that I and most specialists use in practice. There are other ways to attract Instagram followers as well. Don’t be afraid to use dedicated services to automate posting and other processes in your account. This will save a lot of time, effort and help you quickly achieve the desired effect. In addition, it is important to create a content plan and a unified marketing promotion strategy. Publish only high-quality visual and textual content that is interesting to your target audience. This will accelerate the growth of subscribers and promotion of the profile, and therefore the profitability of the business.

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