What to post on Instagram when you lack inspiration?

What to post on Instagram when you lack inspiration?

Have you ever run out of ideas to liven up your Instagram account?

This “blank page” phenomenon is quite normal, especially if you are looking to post intensely and regularly as the weeks go by. So what should you do when you know you need to post, but no idea to post comes to mind?

To help you stimulate your creativity, I will offer you concrete advice throughout this article to constantly fill your calendar with content dedicated to the social network.

1) Publish the highlights of your community

Among the followers of your Instagram account, it is possible that some of them have experienced or will experience an event strongly linked to your brand. It is therefore particularly interesting to think about producing content that does not directly promote your products / services, but has a connection with them.

In the example below, the jewelry brand is interviewing a couple who are getting married very soon, and therefore will necessarily need some jewelry items during this event. The connection between the highlight of community members and the brand is real.

2) Publish Lifestyle content

The term “lifestyle content” is not specific to any specific genre or category. It can be a beautiful sunset beach photo or anything else!

What is important when thinking about content of this type is that it aligns well with your brand identity and the overall aesthetic of your current account, as well as the interests / traits of your account. personality of your customers / prospects.

For example, the clothing brand below shared a post it describes from “Morning dream”:

3) Publish content created by your subscribers

Sharing content produced by Instagram users is a great way to fill your news feed with beautiful visuals, while valuing those people. It is recommended that you provide your subscribers with a hashtag to use in post captions, if they want the opportunity to be featured.

The watch brand below regularly publishes photo content produced by its customers, while indicating the procedure to be followed to have the chance to be promoted on their account:

4) Post inspirational quotes

Instagram users often think that quotes are a good way to ‘fill in the gaps’ in the editorial line, but it should be borne in mind that these can also be used to generate sales and develop an affinity for the company .

For example, the jewelry brand below regularly offers quotes that are always related to current events, such as Mother’s Day, where it is common to offer this type of product:

Example of branded Instagram account posting quotes

5) Publish content affirming your positioning and your values ​​

Like a person, a brand is a real living entity, with preferences and real character. It can be interesting, then, to demonstrate an attachment to a history or culture.

This is what the clothing company below offers, for example, celebrating the anniversary of the construction of the Château de Chambord:

To go further:

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