Who are influencers and why is everyone talking about them?

Who are influencers and why is everyone talking about them?

Thousands of beautiful people on Instagram tell users what to drink, where to relax, and how to have fun. Influencer marketing is a relatively new phenomenon in the vastness of social networks, but large brands have already tried this format of communication with their target audience.

Influencer marketing is a powerful tool in the fight for the attention of followers, so in today’s article we will tell you who influencers are and what they eat with.

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Who is an influencer

An influencer is an influential media personality whose opinion is key for a certain category of people. It is not for nothing that influencers are often called opinion leaders, because with the help of their unshakable authority, they can influence the needs of people and subtly push them towards a specific solution.

With the development of social networks, a separate type of marketing with the involvement of opinion leaders has even appeared – influencer-marketing. It is he who helps to organically present the product, and not just overwhelm customers with direct advertising.

In 2019, the international agency Mediakix conducted a survey among marketers and found that 61% of respondents do not know how to correctly approach the choice of an opinion leader.

So catch a little memo that will help you avoid making fatal mistakes: the influencer’s philosophy should be fully consistent with your brand’s concept, and the tone of communication should not contradict the tone of voice of the company.

Let’s take a quick example. If you decide to advertise dog food, then run away from the influencer, who recently wrote that he is allergic to wool and there is no place for animals in his house. In this case, you will only waste your advertising budget.

кто такой инфлюенсер

Where did influencers come from

Initially, agents of influence were called exclusively celebrities (movie, sports or business stars). They created social media profiles that fans followed in droves. The prospect of getting huge reach attracted potential advertisers, but in practice, everything turned out to be not so rosy.

Firstly, it is expensive, since the stars ask for impressive fees for their work, and secondly, it is not always justified, because fans often understand that they are in front of ordinary advertising, and are in no hurry to transfer their love from the object of adoration to product / service.

Then influencers came to the attention of large companies – ordinary users of social networks who had authority among their subscribers. Their main advantage is “live” content and a high level of engagement.

The term itself was formed relatively recently from the English. the words influence – “to influence”. This is an industry concept that has been introduced into the mainstream by marketers as conventional advertising channels have become obsolete and the influence of social media has begun to skyrocket.

Откуда взялись инфлюенсеры

Types of influencers

To choose an influencer who will benefit, you need to know what types they are divided into. This is what we’ll cover in the following sections.

What are they

What types of influencers exist:

  • Bloggers . Bloggers are divided into niches and sites (we’ll talk about this further). Understanding what niche an influencer occupies will help you approach collaboration more deliberately. For example, if you are a beauty brand, you are unlikely to go advertise to a pranker.
  • Celebrity . This category includes actors, singers, presenters, comedians, athletes, designers. Simply put, people who are known far beyond social media.
  • Experts . Users who are well versed in a specific niche and provide followers with professional advice. Expert influencers can be lawyers, carpenters, marketers, journalists, psychologists, doctors, etc.
  • Personal Brands . An image in which your name is associated with a specific activity. An example of a personal brand is designer Artemy Lebedev or Elon Musk.

Audience size

Depending on the size of the audience, influencers can be divided into the following categories :

  • One million bloggers – from one million to ♾. They can be both celebrities and experts in a certain niche.
  • Macro influencers are leaders whose opinion is listened to by 100,000-1 million users.
  • Microinfluencers – from 10 to 100 thousand followers are subscribed to them. So far, microinfluencers have taken the lead in the race for brand attention. They are within reach, their audience is loyal, and their lifestyle is understandable and close to Gen Z.
  • Nanoinfluencers – their audience numbers 1-10 thousand loyal fans. It would seem that this is a drop in the ocean, but the authority of nanoinfluencers should not be underestimated, because followers perceive them not as another “talking head”, but as real friends who will give advice and help make the right choice.

As you can see, the success of an influencer is not measured by the number of subscribers. Brands now prefer to partner with small bloggers who are able to provide maximum engagement and natively advertise the product.

Размер аудитории

Social network

In depending on the broadcasting platform , influencers can be divided into several types:

  • YouTube influencers. People who have created a channel with unique and regular content about a specific topic. If we talk about YouTube creators who are serious about generating content, there are now about tens of thousands of them on this channel. Here you will find bloggers who will teach you how to boil water, or show you how to transform into Angelina Jolie with a make-up.
  • Instagram influencers . Users who create content within the social network. Insta influencers usually write about everything that surrounds them: travel, beauty, work, etc.
  • TikTok influencers . The TikTok platform has spawned a new generation of influencers who are rapidly gaining popularity, because the application itself was created for viral content.

Социальная сеть

Content type

Classification of influencers by type of published content :

  • Vloggers – their profile is dominated by videos.
  • Streamers are professional players who broadcast live.
  • Prankers are bloggers who became famous through pranks.
  • Weiners – shoot short videos of a humorous nature.
  • Family – relationships, children, parenting and psychology of parents.
  • Niche – well versed in a particular topic or sharing professional knowledge.
  • Creators – produce content or products (artists, designers, journalists, musicians, etc.).
  • Reviewers – review and post reviews on various products.
  • Photo bloggers are those whose content consists of photos on a specific topic.
  • CGI influencers are CGI profiles of non-existent people.

тип контента



Now let’s take a look at influencers by niches and areas that they occupy due to the content they produce:

  • Fashion Bloggers. On their page, fashion influencers share interesting looks, tell users about current trends and give tips on how to diversify their wardrobe. They advertise mainly brands of clothing and accessories
  • Beauty Bloggers . In the beauty field, cosmetics and care products are a priority. The secret of perfect shooters, hair in 5 minutes and other life hacks related to the beauty industry all refer to their paraffia.
  • Travel influencers . Travel (sometimes even extreme), sights and new countries – these are the characteristics of travel-influencers’ content. They hold the visual in high esteem: high-quality pictures of snow-covered forests, unexplored locations, endless oceans and quiet streets of European cities.
  • Lifestyle influencers . This is a special caste of bloggers who show their daily life from all sides and still manages to grab multi-million dollar advertising contracts. The format of a personal diary resembles this action. Simply put, the blogger shares posts in his usual setting. This is a broader concept, as lifestyle bloggers often post content about food, travel, cosmetics, etc.
  • Food influencers . It’s simple: food bloggers gain the attention of subscribers with easy (and sometimes not) recipes, snapshots of delicious food, and tips on how to make your chicken breast juicy.
  • Fitness influencers . Sports, proper nutrition, healthy lifestyle are the topics that run through the posts of fitness bloggers.

What influencers do

Чем занимаются инфлюенсеры

Being an influencer is not only about posting beautiful pictures and writing posts on how to pump the abs. Being an influencer also means being able to test different formats of collaboration.

Here are just a few of what bloggers can do :

  • Product Overview . Probably the most common type of collaboration. Brands often send product samples to influencers and ask them to give their opinion through social media posts.
  • Collaborations . This is an opportunity to make money for both companies and opinion leaders. For example, a designer clothing brand signs a contract with a blogger and together they launch an exclusive line of jeans. The influencer says in his profile that he was directly involved in the development of the design, after which the blogger’s fans begin to sweep the goods off the shelves en masse. The main rule of collaboration is to make it as natural as possible.
  • Ambassador . What is an Ambassador? This is the official representative of the company, carrying its philosophy to the masses. The main task of the ambassador is to sing odes to the brand on a regular basis through posts, stories and participation in thematic events. This is a format of long-term cooperation, which implies a blogger’s refusal to advertise related products.
  • Joint Competitions . In this case, the brand and the influencer are teaming up to run a giveaway. The company provides the blogger with gifts and comprehensive material support, and the influencer, in turn, is responsible for attracting the audience. The prize is often a brand product or cash reward.
  • Marathons . People register on Instagram not only to gaze at beautiful pictures, but for additional motivation. And to meet this need for followers, influencers often run marathons. Among the advantages of marathons are: real benefits for subscribers, the formation of a loyal community around the blogger and the attraction of a new target audience.
  • Takeover . The blogger manages the brand account for a set period of time and publishes content on his own behalf.

For more information on what types of cooperation with bloggers are, you can find out by reading our article.

What are influencers for

Influencer Marketing is equally effective for projects of any format – from small online stores to large market players with a fairly large audience.

Influencer marketing is a softer approach to promotion. Distinctive features of such advertising integration are delicate tone and unobtrusive presentation style, which does not cause rejection for most users (unlike traditional advertising).

With the right approach, influencer marketing can solve a number of strategically important tasks :

  • to acquaint the audience with a new product or service;
  • debunk myths about product / brand flaws;
  • build a positive image;
  • increase trust in the company;
  • increase sales;
  • increase reach and visibility;
  • form a loyal community.

The opinion of users who are actively read on social networks is trusted by about 90% of consumers. Here is the answer to the question of what influencers are for.

Для чего нужны инфлюенсеры

Why this direction has become so popular

People love to read about people. And this fact is difficult to dispute. Who is an influencer? Role model close to a specific audience.

Bloggers put their lives on display, but at the same time broadcast: “look at me, you can do that too.” This motivates followers, not repels.

And if earlier, when glossy magazines were a priority, people were imposed on the only correct model of “beautiful-rich-smart-thin-self-sufficient”, now on the vastness of the network everyone can find an influencer who corresponds to his values: mothers, dog lovers, travelers, PP fans and so on. To announce the entire list, you will have to spend a whole day.

But the main feature of influencer marketing is the ability to establish feedback with the audience. Trust in opinion leaders is comparable only to trust in friends, to whose advice we meekly listen.

Почему это направление стало так популярно

Notable influencers

Now we will tell you about the most popular influencers of all Instagram, who have earned the love of subscribers and have won multi-million dollar advertising contracts.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo is the most popular athlete on the social network, with over 250 million followers on his page. Impressive, isn’t it?

Jamie Oliver

A renowned chef, restaurateur and author of numerous culinary bestsellers, who actively promotes his masterpieces on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook.

Kim Kardashian

American star, famous for her outstanding forms, scandals and love of luxurious life. And celebrities can be safely called one of the most successful beauty adepts. Yes, it was Kim who introduced the trend to contouring, so thanks to her for her beautiful cheekbones and a graceful nose.

Nastya Ivleeva

The star of Nastya Ivleeva lit up back in 2013, when her short humorous sketches blew up Instagram. Now over 18 million users have subscribed to the girl’s page and this figure is inexorably creeping up.


Among the most popular Instagram pages (Russia), the account of rapper Timati takes its place of honor. The artist’s activities extend far beyond music – he has an author’s line of clothing, and his own fast food chain, and his own production center.

Ksenia Borodina

Permanent host of the most famous reality show “Dom-2” Ksenia Borodina gained fame on Instagram, where her profile is followed by over 14.6 million people.

Sofia Stuzhuk

The mother of many children, Sofia Stuzhuk, who lives outside the social standards, has managed to gather an impressive army of fans with the help of her content (sometimes very controversial). On her Instagram page, the girl talks about her lifestyle and shares tips on how to raise children correctly.

Alena Venum

Falls to the leading lines in the rating of Instagram bloggers and Alena Venum, who can rightfully be called the most successful video blogger in Ukraine.


Companies massively overshadow traditional promotion channels, making a choice in favor of influencers. The point is that working with influencers helps brands increase customer loyalty, reach a new audience and pump their content.

Nowadays influencers are irreplaceable people for marketing and advertising. They also serve as an example of how a hobby can become a permanent source of income.

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