Who are microinfluencers and why should brands look at them?

Who are microinfluencers and why should brands look at them?

Now almost no one is interested in millionaire celebrities with a huge audience and an impressive number of likes. Give brands to small, but very sincere opinion leaders, around whom a loyal community has formed, ready to listen to every word of their idol. Who is a microinfluencer and why are bloggers like this considered the “future of marketing”? Let’s find out today!

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Who are microinfluencers

First, it’s worth understanding the term: micro-influencers are bloggers who have from a thousand to 100 thousand followers. Those with less than 10,000 subscribers are sometimes distinguished into a separate subcategory – nanoinfluencers. At the same time, in some large markets, bloggers with up to 500 thousand subscribers are called micro-influencers (for example, this is commonly believed in China or India).

Microinfluencers were officially introduced by the California-based agency HelloSociety with the goal of separating influencers with small audiences from large Instagram celebrities with a million followers.

According to recent research, micro-influencers are much more effective than their larger colleagues, since the level of trust in them is higher, which means that subscribers are more willing to accept their advice. It is for this reason that microinfluencers are called the “future of marketing,” which is reflected in the allocation of SMM budgets for small and large brands.

Кто такие микроинфлюенсеры

Types of microinfluencers

Influencers with 1,000 to 100,000 subscribers are considered micro-influencers. However, marketers have never been able to define clear boundaries. Many people think that bloggers, whose audience is less than 20K followers, should be included in the micro-segment. Those with less than 10K are often referred to as a separate group of nanoinfluencers.

Such bloggers are interesting because they are experts in their niche. For example, brand boutique sellers who reveal the “pitfalls” of work, event organizers, owners of popular Telegram channels, celebrity assistants, mothers who know how to combine parenting and business.

Microinfluencers are very reminiscent of an audience of close friends who recommend something. That is why the level of trust in them is higher. Brands are even more interested in them since their advice = instant sales . The situation is different with larger bloggers. Yes, companies gain recognition, but advertising like this does not guarantee sales.

Типы микроинфлюенсеров

Below we will look at the most common types of influencers in Russia:

  • Fashion Influencers . They publish content related to style, clothing, trends and haute couture: how to dress, how to choose the right outfit, what things have been left out this season. They advertise mainly clothing and perfume brands.
  • фешн

  • Beauty . Here, opinion leaders focus on decorative cosmetics and care products. They test everything on themselves, tell and show how to use the beauty goodness in every cosmetic bag.
  • Travel . On the pages of travel bloggers, you will find beautiful views, checklists of which places to visit first, quiet streets and iconic sights. Yes, yes, there is something to see here and something to be inspired by.
  • тревел

  • Lifestyle. Lifestyle influencers are focused around showcasing a lifestyle. In fact, this is a diary format, when posts are regularly shared in the usual scenery of the influencer.
  • Food influencers . They build their content around delicious food, recipes, life hacks and recommendations.
  • Fitness . This type of blogger is obsessed with healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, regular sports and mindfulness. Posts are mostly motivational with a touch of lifestyle.

What microinfluencers do

Here are some options for what microinfluencers can do:

  • Ambassador . What is an Ambassador? This is the official representative of the company who, on a regular basis, must praise the brand on his profile, participate in special events, unobtrusively recommend it to the audience and carry the company’s philosophy to the masses. Also, for the duration of cooperation, the ambassador is obliged to refuse advertising related products.
  • Collaborations . This is an opportunity to make good money both for the brand and for the micro-influencer. For example, a denim clothing company signs a contract with a blogger to jointly develop a limited line of jeans, created under the direct direction of an influencer. The influencer, in turn, announces this event on his page, and followers begin to sweep goods off the shelves en masse. As you can see, everything is simple!
  • Product Overview . Probably the most popular format for collaborating with bloggers of all sizes. Brands send influencers samples of their products, and they must natively advertise the product through a post or story.
  • Joint competitions. The principle here is: a gift from a company, an active audience from a blogger who is ready to comment, repost and like publications. The prize is often a brand product or cash reward.
  • Marathons . People register on Instagram not only to gaze at beautiful pictures and read philosophical quotes under the posts of bloggers, but also to recharge themselves with additional motivation. This is where influencers who organize marathons come to the rescue. Among the advantages of marathons are: real benefits for followers, formation of a loyal community, attraction of an interested audience.

чем занимаются

What they are for

Microinfluencers, with a competent approach, will be able to solve a number of strategically important tasks of the company, including:

  • increase sales by more than 30%, as well as demand for advertised goods and services;
  • to form a loyal community around the brand;
  • attract an active audience;
  • increase the level of trust;
  • increase reach and visibility;
  • contribute to the creation of the image;
  • neutralize the negative;
  • debunk myths about company cons.

A pleasant bonus in this case is the cost of microinfluencers’ services. A post with microbloggers will cost less than an influencer with a large number of followers, and much cheaper than traditional advertising.

Для чего они нужны

Why work with niche bloggers

“Bigger is not better” is the title of a recent article published in the Shape Shift Report on contemporary culture trends. And how right they are! In general, this phrase fully reveals the secret of the success of small but really cool bloggers who care about their audience.

Alas, Instagram celebrities are going into commerce more and more every day, so they advertise everything. On the pages of major opinion leaders, there are more than enough advertising messages: here anti-dandruff shampoo is “adjacent” to branded cosmetics, and dog food – to luxury bags.

But microbloggers generate engaging and interesting content that hits right on target. There is no longer any authenticity in working with celebrities – they promote so many different products that they stop listening and hearing. Niche influencers are ready to trust, and their messages are more targeted, because they choose a very narrow topic.

Honesty is the best strategy. Micro-influencers communicate with their audience in a friendly way. Subscribers identify with these bloggers and feel connected to them. It’s more like a relationship between two buddies, rather than between a star and her fans.

How to choose a microinfluencer

A few tips on how to choose a microinfluencer correctly:

  • The audience of the selected microblogger, geographically, thematically, by age, gender and income level, must correspond to the target audience for which the promoted product is designed.
  • The advertised brand must correspond to the theme and aesthetics of the page (a micro-influencer who talks about the intricacies of construction on his account is unlikely to be able to effectively advertise Korean cosmetics).
  • The Influencer must be sincere about the product he is going to advertise. It is advisable that the microinfluencer uses your products even before you offered him commercial cooperation.
  • Choose a blogger with the most active audience, because your ultimate goal is not just to introduce the consumer to the product, but also to sell it.
  • The ability to present an ad post “tasty”, interesting and creative is the most important factor to consider when choosing an influencer.
  • Don’t be lazy to check microinfluencers (yes, even bloggers with a small audience sometimes abuse cheats). The trendHERO service will help you with this. With its help, you can get complete statistics on your account and understand what result and reach a blogger can give. We recommend paying special attention to the following metrics : audience analysis, engagement rate (a key indicator that demonstrates how actively users are engaged in content), activity analysis (shows the distribution of likes and comments so that you can identify cheats and real reactions).


Famous Instagram micro-influencers

  • Aleksey Tkachuk is a marketer, SMM specialist, podcaster and micro-influencer who, on his page, shares secrets that help businesses thrive on social networks. Also, his profile often features the dog Mint and funny stories about terrible ads that are now and then highlighted in the recommendations.
  • An unbreakable eco-activist who is the ambassador of Toyota and promotes the Toyota Green Initiative, aimed at developing projects that help protect the environment.
  • Tamara Podaneva is helping girls with eating disorders get back to their normal lives through her blog.
  • Anna is a model from Odessa who creates content for brands. Here you will find so many beautiful pictures and a special aesthetics inspirer.
  • Kristina Eremina became popular on Instagram thanks to her Twitter, in which she periodically published funny and very life stories. Now the girl shares her travel photos with subscribers, and every Monday she answers hot questions in stories.
  • Travel photographer Chris shares professional shots of delicious food, bustling events and quiet streets of crowded cities on his page. Sometimes ads (for example, Burts chips) also appear in Chris’s feed. It turns out very native.


Brands are now massively making a choice in favor of microinfluencers … and for good reason! Firstly, it is much cheaper, since bloggers with a small audience set adequate prices, and secondly, it is much more effective, because users are in no hurry to trust Instagram celebrities advertising everything, preferring to listen to the advice of more “mundane” opinion leaders.

Important points to remember:

  • microinfluencers are more credible to subscribers as they are considered experts by the audience;
  • reach, the number of followers, likes and reposts fade into the background, because when choosing a microblogger, first of all, you should pay attention to the level of engagement;
  • micro-community is an opportunity to convey to the target audience the vision of the company, its philosophy, as well as tell about the initiatives supported by the organization.

Don’t be afraid to invest your ad budget on bloggers who have not yet amassed an army of millions of fans. Trust me, it’s worth it.

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