Who are nano influencers and how they benefit

Who are nano influencers and how they benefit

“Influential people” with the prefix “nano” refer to Instagram users who have acquired very few followers. Yes, today we will tell you about a new trend in the lifestyle industry.

The era of millionaire bloggers has come to an end. Now advertisers are chasing not numbers, but feedback, so nano influencers with a “live” audience and glowing eyes are in a hurry to help. What is this fashionable phenomenon, and with what is it “eaten”? It’s time to figure it out!

Who is a nanoinfluencer?

Let’s first go through the theory and figure out the numbers. Nanoinfluencers – accounts with 1,000-10,000 followers .

True, not every user with a four-digit number of subscribers can be attributed to nanoinfluencers. The latter are distinguished by the fact that they try to try on the image of a blogger and subtly recommend some products by the user. For example, cosmetics, jewelry or services.

The benefits are obvious. Firstly, nanoinfluencers easily make contact and almost never refuse to cooperate, and secondly, they always have an active audience.

How to recognize a nanoinfluer? He has a lot of influence over a limited audience. For example, almost all subscribers live in the same area / region or are interested in one narrowly focused niche. At the same time, the blogger himself focuses on a specific topic.


How do nano and micro influencers differ?

The most important difference is the number of followers :

  • nanoinfluencers – 1,000 to 10,000 subscribers;
  • micro-influencers – from 10,000 to 100,000 subscribers.

Nanoinfluencers have little experience in advertising, so the customer needs to take care of the basic things – to agree on the content and offer the blogger his vision of the post.

It is better to work with nanoinfluencers in large quantities, since you are unlikely to get a “wow effect” from a single placement. Take 10-15 bloggers at once and work on a full-fledged advertising campaign.

Microbloggers (or niche bloggers) are the next stage in the development of nanoinfluencers. Their experience, of course, is much more and this is an indisputable plus for those who do not want to waste time clarifying the obvious points.

But there is also a minus – micro-influencers are no longer so willing to agree to cooperate on barter. As a rule, such opinion leaders have a fairly clear division into topics.

What exactly is the phenomenon of small bloggers? They try to write in simple language and talk about their own experiences, so advertising on their pages is perceived as friendly advice. Only one result – users trust the words of small bloggers more than the recommendations of celebrities, whose life is far from the everyday problems of the audience.


Why should brands partner with nano influencers?

The main difference between influence-marketing and classic promotion through millionaire bloggers is organic and native. People have long become tired of obsessive advertising with calls to buy something. On a subconscious level, they understand that celebrities are actively promoting only what they were well paid for. Consequently, the level of trust in large bloggers drops noticeably.

But the advertising message from the nanoinfluencer is perceived from a different angle – as advice, recommendation from a friend or personal opinion. By the way, working with small bloggers is much easier and cheaper.

There are several reasons why brands should look at nanoinfluencers:

  • Live audience. Followers of nanoinfluencers are characterized by increased activity. They are happy to like, tag friends, and comment on posts. Another plus is the small percentage of bots.
  • Trust . Despite the number of subscribers, the nanoblogger cannot be called a star. For the audience, he is an ordinary person, so advertising on his page is perceived as advice, and not just another paid post.
  • Barter . Nanoinfluencers are a savior for brands that don’t want to part with the lion’s share of their budget. Small bloggers are not spoiled by the attention of advertisers, which means they set reasonable prices. In some cases, even barter is possible.
  • Nanoinfluencers do not deviate from the course and accurately fulfill the terms of reference . Bloggers-millionaires very often bend their line, depriving customers of the opportunity to control the process and make changes. This feature is due to the large flow of customers. Nanoinfluencers are not used to being scattered by advertisers, so they try to fulfill all conditions without unnecessary whims.

Cooperation with nanoinfluencers is a great chance to “reach out” to your audience, while getting the maximum feedback. The cost of such a promotion is ten times less than when working with selebi. But the result will not be long in coming.

Thousand bloggers increase the trust of potential customers in a product or service. The higher the trust, the higher the likelihood of sales .

How to find good nano influencers

Do you want to start cooperation with a nanoblogger, but are afraid that your money will be wasted? The trendHERO service will help you choose the “right” influencer, which quickly recognizes bots and translates the blogger’s activity into dry numbers.

We recommend that you first of all pay attention to the following points:

    • Engagement rate. ER – the percentage of the audience that is involved in the content (comments or likes publications). This indicator is calculated as follows: (likes + comments) / subscribers * 100%. The following rule applies here: the more followers, the less ER. For Insta profiles with up to 10,000 subscribers, the optimal indicator is 10-20%.
    • High-quality audience. This is the number of subscribers excluding commercial, suspicious accounts, mass followers and bots. It is desirable to have more real audience and less than 10% suspicious. That is, if a blogger has 50% of its followers bots, say goodbye to half of the expected reach.

качественная аудитория

  • Frequency of posts and percentage of likes from subscribers. The blogger must be active and the profile must be “live”. It is optimal when 4-5 posts are published per week, but for nanoinfluencers, you can make a concession. It is also important to consider the number of likes that come from followers. What for? This will help you calculate ads and markups. If there are no markups, then mostly subscribers will like. Here is the graph for an account without cheating and advertising:


How much does advertising cost for nano influencers

For some nanoinfluencers, the fee is not the end goal , so they are willing to barter or post for free.

Nobody gives exact prices. In this case, the price list is formed arbitrarily and depends on the desire of the blogger and the product. Brands can pay nanoinfluencers $ 100, $ 200, or $ 500 per post and be sure the target audience will see it. That is, the people for whom the product was created.

For large companies, 500 USD is a drop in the ocean compared to the amounts they spend on advertising with Instagram “titans”. But there will be much more benefit.

How to organize cooperation

American marketers have invented a strategy consisting of 5 easy steps :

  • Find nanoinfluencers who are part of your target audience or are closely related to it . This will require spending a lot of time analyzing potential candidates. The criteria are the same as when working with millionaire celebrities: gender, age, social status, geographic location. The goal is to reach blogs with topics that resonate with you.
  • Pay attention not only to the content , but also to how the influencer interacts with the audience. Does it conduct polls in Stories? How often does he reply to comments from followers? If you contact a toxic influencer, your reputation will be severely damaged.
  • Respect the blogger’s personal space and do not meddle in a “foreign monastery” with unsolicited advice. Remember that the influencer knows his audience better, which means he will be able to tailor advertising to its needs. Give him creative freedom and the ability to tell a story in a format familiar to followers.
  • Support the blogger’s initiative . Perhaps the new format will give the product a “second wind” and increase sales.
  • Encourage Nanoinfluencers . And now we are not only about the fee. Praise them for their creativity and help build useful connections.


Now let’s go directly to the organizational process :

  • Contact the blogger. You should be prepared for a delay in response, as nanoinfluencers rarely check the Requests folder. In the letter, indicate which company you represent, and also briefly describe the essence of the offer.
  • Request account statistics. eMarketer research has shown that over 55% of bloggers use Stories to advertise. If in the sent statistics in several stories at once it is clear that among the covered accounts more than 40% of users are not subscribed to the profile, this means that the influencer has clocked bots. Why pay for dead souls? You can also check the blogger’s page yourself using the trendHERO service.
  • Check the cost of your ad integration. Don’t be afraid to offer barter. Some nanoinfluencers (as opposed to their “big” colleagues) would happily agree to advertise a product for a gift.
  • Specify the terms of work. The influencer marketing market is at an early stage of development, so only a small part of bloggers work as individual entrepreneurs. Most will have to take their word for it and transfer money to the card. But if you have the opportunity to conclude a contract, it is better not to neglect it.

картинка инстаграм

We also recommend writing a briefing , which will contain the following points:

  • terms of reference (what kind of post do you expect from an influencer);
  • detailed description of a product or service;
  • must-have keywords and hashtags;
  • URL with UTM tag for conversion tracking;
  • call to action;
  • time of publication.
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Advantages and Disadvantages of Collaboration

Recently, nanoinfluencers have begun to bring more benefits than bloggers with a multimillion audience. Here’s the thing:

  • Sincerity . Nanoinfluencers are closer and more understandable to ordinary buyers. If they advertise the services of a beautician or another shampoo, it looks like a friendly recommendation. It also makes it easier for thousands of bloggers to respond to comments, drawing additional attention to the brand.
  • Narrow audience . The core of the blogger’s audience with 1,000 followers is their friends and acquaintances with similar interests and social status. Whereas the millionaire influencer is dominated by users from different parts of the world who signed up for an account on the wave of popularity or in order to win a competition.
  • Low fees. Good news for brands and companies – nanoinfluencers can help you save a lot of money. In some cases, thousands of bloggers agree to barter or post for free.
  • Contact . In order to order advertising from a nanoinfluencer, you do not need to wait for your turn for months, since the demand for their services is less. The main advantage of small bloggers is that they are more willing to make contact, so you can easily make edits and dictate your own conditions (within reasonable limits).
  • Responsibility . It is not every day that nanobloggers get a chance to conclude a lucrative advertising contract. Therefore, they approach the process more responsibly than influencers, who have hundreds of commercial offers in their bins.
  • Higher engagement rates . Practice shows that ER (Engagement Rate) decreases with the active growth of the number of followers. This is due to the fact that most of the audience of large bloggers is made up of commercial profiles and people who subscribed to the page because of the next give. On average, ad campaigns with nanoinfluencers have 60% more customer engagement than similar promotions with millionaire bloggers.

What are the cons ? There is only one drawback of cooperation with nanoinfluencers – to achieve high efficiency from such advertising campaigns , you need to sacrifice time and effort.

Alas, one nanoinfluencer is not enough here, so we advise you to search for 10-15 thousand bloggers at once.

Tip: search for nano bloggers with very specific hashtags.

Examples of nano influencers on Instagram

A classic example of a nanoinfluencer is Alexis Baker , 25. The girl’s life changed when Obviously, a marketing agency, approached her with a side job.

Now Alexis shares with subscribers not only beautiful selfies, but also periodically posts posts with advertising hashtags #sponsored and #ad, showing Suave Professionals shampoos and concealers from Clinique.


Lifestyle blogger Daya advises subscribers of beauty novelties and clearly demonstrates the effectiveness of care products. She is now actively promoting vegan chewing gum from Goli Nutrition.


Alize from Vancouver actively shows her stylish looks in stories and subtly advertises cosmetic brands.

нано инфлюенсер

Alena Lyubimova is an expert in the psychology of relationships. Despite the small number of subscribers (just over 600), the girl manages to hold Sunday brunches, write useful posts, and at the same time promote her own marathon.

алена психолог

Renekka already in the profile header boldly declares that she is a nanoinfluener. On her page, the girl talks about parenting everyday life, reveals the secrets of signature dishes and brags about her son’s successes, in between recommending useful accounts with related topics in stories.



Nonoinfluencers are the new Instagram stars that users trust more than Kim Kardashian. High advertising efficiency, simple communication, affordable prices and a loyal audience are the perfect combination for high-quality promotion.

If a brand relies on quick sales, then it definitely needs to involve nanoinfluencers. In the next ten years, this trend will become more and more evident: the market is growing due to new formats of social networks and types of blogging.

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