Who is a targeting specialist: what does he do and how to become one

Who is a targeting specialist: what does he do and how to become one
Кто такой таргетолог: чем он занимается и как им стать In the modern world, you will not surprise anyone with work on the Internet. One of these demanded professions is the targeting specialist. This specialist has great career potential. In this article we will find out who a targeting specialist is, what he does and how to become one.

And so, a targeting specialist is a narrowly focused professional who is engaged in setting and managing advertising on social networks. Here it is worth talking about targeted advertising, the target audience of which is formed according to the profile in social networks. After all, when we fill it out, we indicate a lot of information: from age to various interests. Based on all this, the targeting specialist needs to customize the ad for a specific audience.

Targeting Responsibilities

The responsibilities of a targeting specialist are quite broad, since he must know almost everything about internet marketing. Earlier, we have already written about what Internet marketing is and how it works, where we talked about its role and relevance in our Internet world and basic tools.

Обязанности таргетолога

Therefore, the targeting specialist needs to:

  • correctly analyze the market and determine the target audience;
  • write a content plan for an advertising campaign;
  • create selling texts for social networks;
  • set up and maintain accounts in social networks: VKontakte, Facebook, Instagram, Odnoklassniki;
  • prepare and launch advertising campaigns, as well as ads as part of the promotion strategy;
  • be able to use parsing and data collection platforms for retargeting;
  • work with different metrics for traffic analytics.

Such analytics systems are, for example, Google Analytics and Yandex. Metrics. We also wrote that using Yandex Metrics, you can analyze the effectiveness of advertising and audience behavior.

In addition, for successful work, the targeting specialist will not hurt to own some kind of graphic editor. This is necessary for image processing and, if required, inscriptions on it. And, of course, it is correct to provide a report on the work done.

Types of targeting

In order to do their job successfully, the targeting scientist needs to know the basic types of targeting. This will allow him to correctly select advertising for a specific project and to promote sites in the regions of Russia, based on the parameters of the target audience.

Types of targeting:

  • by advertising space: if this is a site for car owners, then advertising should be directed specifically to this audience;
  • by geolocation: there is no benefit to showing an advertisement for a place to the population of a neighboring city;
  • by age and gender: the demand for goods and services depends on them. So, cosmetics should be offered to women, and medicines – to older people;
  • by time: for business owners, advertisements should be shown during business hours, and entertainment advertisements on weekends;

Виды таргетинга

Of course, there are other types of targeting: by profession, education, income, comments, and more. The main thing is to correctly determine which audience your advertising is designed for, because the promotion of sites by search words, which will subsequently be driven in by users, depends on this.

Pros and cons of the profession

Let’s talk separately about the pros and cons of the targeting profession. This will allow you to correctly evaluate this specialist. And so, the pros of a targeting analyst:

  • specialist combines analytics and creativity;
  • the possibility of growth in various dimensions: by project level, budget, career;
  • your education is not important for a client or employer, but the ability to think is important;
  • the demand for a specialist.

Плюсы и минусы профессии

Cons of targeting:

  • work on a PC, so you need perseverance;
  • targeted advertising is constantly evolving, which means that a specialist should always improve his qualifications.

The disadvantage and advantage of being a targeted advertising expert is minimal communication. Here everyone chooses for himself.

How to become a targeting specialist?

“How to Become a Targetologist?” an important question, since so far there is no such profession in higher educational institutions, since it does not officially exist. So you have to master this specialty yourself. There are several ways out of the situation.

Firstly, these are courses for targeting experts. They are conventionally divided into two types. The first type is courses from “info-gypsy”, that is, from specialists who find the necessary information on the Web, and then transfer it for a monetary reward. They cost several thousand. The second is courses for specialist targeting specialists, but their cost is much more expensive. As a rule, specialists train employees for their firms.

Secondly, become a targeting scientist with your own strength. First, you should study the available theoretical information. Then find various articles, channels on YouTube. Discussions in special groups and on forums will also help.

Как стать таргетологом

And then start to master the tools of targeting advertising on the example of one site. So, on the Internet, you can find a detailed guide on setting up targeted advertising on VKontakte, which will be written in simple language. It will be easier with other social networks.

As a result, you should:

  • know the tools of a particular site;
  • be familiar with marketing terminology;
  • it is easy and quick to learn and rebuild, since something is constantly changing in this area;
  • be patient, attentive to various details and have an inquiring mind;
  • be able to work with Excel.

And in any case, in order to become a professional in your field, you should constantly practice. Before launching an advertisement, it is worthwhile to study in detail what you are going to advertise, what the target audience will be and on which platforms it is better to find it.

Customer search

Once you’ve become a targeting specialist, it’s time to start thinking about finding clients. First, the targeting specialist can find a job on freelance exchanges. There is a lot of competition on such platforms, so it is very difficult for beginners. To increase your chances of getting an order, it is worth laying out a good and voluminous portfolio.

Поиск клиентов

Secondly, on specialized publics and forums. This is where the client places their orders and the targeting experts offer their services. Thirdly, you can design your page on social networks, where you can report your capabilities in a fixed entry. Fourth, place your ad on all kinds of Internet services such as Avito.

Targeting work opens up many opportunities for those who have mastered this difficult profession. Here, creativity and analytics are closely intertwined. Also, this work allows you to reach heights in your career: professionals can become an Internet marketer, mastering similar directions, or work as a freelancer with large companies. But remember that you need to always be in the subject.

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