Why do we need Telegram views and how to increase their number

Why do we need Telegram views and how to increase their number

Following the Telegram news feed update, following the lead of other social networks such as Instagram, the question arose for channel administrators how increase their number of views. Now, a smart system shows popular and potentially interesting posts to users directly on the channel, so channels that are rarely commented on can quickly disappear from the news feed. This is why bloggers started forming groups, in order to send each other comments, post access links to their channel, and create an illusion of activity in order to attract one another. maximum attention from Internet users. So questions such as how telegram counts views and how to grow its channel successfully have become topical.

Pourquoi a t’on besoin de vues sur Telegram et comment en augmenter leur nombre


  1. Secret of Telegram popularity and methods to increase its number of views

  2. Public

  3. Advertising

  4. Use all possibilities

  5. How promotions services work

Methods of increasing the number of views – do they really work?

Telegram is now not only a useful service for sending messages quickly, but also a tool for growing your business. As the experts say, Telegram will certainly have pushed Instagram into the background within a few years, as users increasingly want quick information, without personal data and often irrelevant photos. / p>

It is possible on Telegram to create private or group chats, run channels to promote your business, or simply talk about your life to close people. There are no likes here, and audience interest metrics are represented by the number of views from which the channel’s popularity is calculated. At first, views are difficult to stimulate, and it is necessary to post as much content as possible on your channel. This requires intensive work, which can be complemented using several different methods.

Increase your number of views by:


It’s important to sort your news feed by removing users who aren’t commenting on or watching your channel. This will only leave regular subscribers, who by their actions will increase the popularity of your publications. Also remove bot-chains, spam resources, and empty profiles. Your channel’s metrics will increase after about a month and since the content will be considered more useful to users, your channel will also increase in the Telegram rankings.

It is also necessary to discuss and provoke the reaction of the public. Surveys focused on current topics address this problem perfectly, while contests are ideal for accounts with commercial purposes.

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Pourquoi a t’on besoin de vues sur Telegram et comment en augmenter leur nombre


Targeting on Telegram works as much as possible. It is interesting to show ads on your channel aimed at a targeted audience based on your project. Indeed, this method increases the chances that Internet users will subscribe to your channel and become your daily readers. One of the main benefits of targeting is influence coverage. Indeed, an advertisement can be seen even by Internet users who have not yet subscribed to the channel.

It is possible to order an advertisement for your channel from famous bloggers. Mutual PR works great when it’s a free advertising co-operation between multiple channel administrators.

Use all possibilities

On Telegram it is possible to post not only text, but also photos, as well as video and sound recordings. It is preferable to use all methods in order to extend your influence coverage as much as possible: from Internet users interested in visual content, to those who prefer to read or listen.

How promotions services work

The method “ Buy views on telegram is perfect for beginners because it is very difficult at the moment to develop your account by your own means and without artificial methods of increasing subscribers. A wide variety of services and prices can be viewed on the All-SMM site. With the help of competent specialists, you will obtain the desired amount of views in order to increase your channel’s position in the rankings, and in order to give yourself the chance to grow individually. It is possible to promote the views of an independent group or channel.

Plan the development of your Telegram channel according to your budget and your desires. The views you will get are not from bots, but from the actual participation of channel administrators. The more views you have, the higher the chances that the system will consider your channel useful, and increase its position in the ranking.

Every day loads of new channels appear on Telegram, so it takes a lot of time and energy to get attention to yourself using traditional methods. The combination of smart development methods, as well as view promotions will help you achieve maximum results.

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