Why do you need a promotion on Instagram

Why do you need a promotion on Instagram

To tell the truth, many people come to Instagram for likes, popularity and subscribers. And the lion’s share of active users for some reason still blindly believe in the correctness of the statement: the more, the better.

The number of followers has long been the main measure of fame, but reaching an impressive figure on the social network is now not so easy. Someone prefers to be creative and lure newcomers with the help of cool content, while someone bets on not entirely honest promotion methods. Are cheats useful, and how does Instagram management respond to such tools? Let’s figure it out.

What is Instagram promotion

According to marketers, cheating is a universal evil, cutting coverage and mercilessly spoiling statistics.

But if we move away from the lyrics, then cheating is one of the methods of promoting an account on Instagram. Usually, bots and inactive profiles are subscribed to the page when cheating. Of course, there is zero sense from them, since these categories are absolutely indifferent: they do not wait for your new posts, do not like and do not comment on posts. Their main mission is to create the appearance of quantity.

You can get followers on Instagram in the following ways:

  • sponsor givas;
  • subscribe to bot profile;
  • spend like time;
  • exchange ❤ in activity chats;
  • buy a page with subscribers.

This way you attract a non-target audience, which means that your reach will automatically decrease .

Что такое накрутка в Инстаграм

Types of cheats

The main types markups:

  • Boost subscribers . Artificial increase in the number of followers. Disadvantages: well-trained users may not be your target audience, they are more likely to unsubscribe after a while, such users most often are not active on the page.
  • Increase likes. The process of getting approval ratings for social media content. Artificially, of course.
  • Cheat comments . Yes, now you can add comments to Instagram. The mechanism is quite simple: on the service you need to place a link to the post, give the performers an assignment (how many words a comment should contain, whether emojis are needed, and so on) and indicate the cost of one execution.
  • Boost views . Views are one of the most important indicators of activity and users want to increase this metric at any cost. Many people use the promotion of views in order to increase the popularity of the account and bring the publication to the top. True, if Instagram suddenly discovers that you use third-party services with enviable regularity, your account will be immediately blocked.

Виды накруток

Why do people gain followers and other metrics

Cheating on Instagram is a common practice. Why? People create social media pages to satisfy their egos. They need approval from other users, and likes and an impressive number of followers are a direct confirmation of this. And they didn’t care that most of the fanned subscribers are bots, who are not interested in either beautiful photos from the holidays, or profound quotes under the publications.

And for novice bloggers, promotion is almost the only opportunity to achieve success in the short term (in their opinion). But such popularity is extremely doubtful.

Since many users are still led by pretty numbers, cheats help to attract a real audience. If the profile has interested thousands of people, then it is much more likely that the content here is really high-quality and interesting.

Check for cheat free

Why is cheating evil?

There are at least 3 reasons why you shouldn’t use this promotion method:

  • This is useless . Boosted accounts give nothing but a pretty figure. They don’t like you, don’t comment, and even more so they don’t buy anything.
  • This is dangerous . You don’t want to get banned for unnatural activity, do you?
  • This is ugly . Wrap-around comments with standard phrases hurt your eyes, and if you wind up subscribers, but forgot about likes, then meticulous users will immediately smell the catch.

Not everyone knows that if new subscribers are not active for a certain period of time, then your content will stop showing them altogether!

The effect of “cut coverage” is especially noticeable after giveaways (when there is a massive outflow of freeloaders) and markups, since for some reason everyone forgets about a simple, but very important rule: you must not only attract the audience, but also be able to interest it. And what interest can bots and inactive pages have? None . It is for this reason that after cheating, your publications “die” under the rubble of other posts in the feed.

Do you want to check your account for cheats? Then take advantage of the wide functionality of the trendHERO service.

Charts cannot be fooled, and it is easy to see any cheating action in the dynamics of subscribers and subscriptions.

This is how the graph of a page that grows organically looks like:


And so, if the user winds up followers:

накручивает фолловеров

It is also worth paying attention to the distribution of posts and likes from subscribers. In trendHERO, this graph looks like this:

распределение постов и лайков от подписчиков

Blue is a regular post, and blue is a mention post.

What is Subscriber Likes?

For example, the post got 1000 likes, 674 of which were put by subscribers. Therefore, we divide 674 by 1000 and multiply by 100% = 67.4%.

If a user launches a target, resorts to cheating or gets to the top for a tag, then the lion’s share of likes will come from outside users.

This graph clearly shows that about 90% of likes come from followers. This is normal when there is no traffic “from outside”:

Что такое процент лайков от подписчиков

And here there is a wave-like statistics, which is typical for fans of cheating:

волнообразная статистика

To determine this exactly, you should look at the audience type and comment charts. If there are more than 10% of suspicious accounts, then the case smells fried.

A similar conclusion can be made if the profile is dominated by short and suspicious comments (over 50%).

What to do?

Cheating is not a panacea . You can also get subscribers using more “legal” methods. Here are some great tips :

  • post quality content regularly;
  • use hashtags;
  • run contests;
  • set up targeted ads;
  • attract users from other social networks (if you have promoted accounts on social networks – for example, on Vkontakte, TikTok or YouTube – then “transfer” the audience from these platforms to Instagram);
  • ask friends to share your profile;
  • arrange activities;
  • buy ads from bloggers;
  • write interesting texts;
  • communicate with the audience, respond to comments and post their content in your story;
  • broadcast live.

Накрутки — не панацея

Are there any advantages of cheating?

People still pay attention to the number of subscribers and are guided by the principle: if there are a lot of followers, then the content is in demand. Hence the main advantage markups – an increase in interest from a potential audience.

Here are some more non-obvious pluses :

  • a dramatic increase in subscribers without much effort;
  • more active promotion of your posts with smart social network algorithms;
  • increased brand loyalty (for commercial accounts);
  • fixed budget;
  • dust in the eyes (a profile with 100,000 followers looks much cooler).


Now let’s recap :

  • Cheating is bad, since they are not only useless (in 90% of cases), but also dangerous (no one has canceled the ban for exceeding the limits so far).
  • This will not help you advance to the top and gain your target audience.
  • Bots don’t buy anything!
  • It is better to use safer methods to collect subscribers (for example, advertising with media personalities, mass-following and mass-following, targeting, contests, and so on).

Work on your account, develop it, test new formats and you will be happy!

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