Why Telegram is blocking accounts and how to avoid it

Why Telegram is blocking accounts and how to avoid it

Telegram users face not only possible application lockdown, but also their own account being blocked. However, in this situation the user blocking is controlled by the mail administrator. It is even more offensive to be banned after using a free telegram subscriber promotion. What to do if you get banned and how can you avoid it?

Pourquoi Telegram bloque des comptes et comment l’éviter


  • The reasons for blocking accounts on Telegram

  • Things to avoid in order not to get banned

  • How long does a ban last

  • How to delete a ban

  • How to delete a valid ban

  • Conclusion

Reasons for blocking accounts on Telegram

The priority of Telegram email administrators is above all the security of its users, including protection against spam emails, serving of advertisements, as well as links to malware. If your account is suspected of participating in such activities, it will immediately be blocked. A few complaints from unhappy users are enough to cause a blockage. You will then need a new phone number to re-register on Telegram. This is the reason why it is better to avoid the ban.

Things to avoid in order not to get banned

  • Show advertising, even if it is likely to interest email users.

  • Send links to third party sites.

  • Promote courses, play clubs or products.

  • Inviting too many users to the channel.

One of the main rules is to respect the restrictions imposed by the chain. Such violations often lead to user complaints.

How long does a ban last?

Banning a Telegram account is not always final. Most often, the duration of the ban depends on the frequency and seriousness of the violations found against you. If you’ve just sent a few messages, the ban will likely only last a week or less. If you have been distributing mass spam emails and it has grown significantly, the spamming may last a very long time or even be permanent.

Being the administrator of many telegram online accounts from different phone numbers does not mean that you will be protected from blocking. All accounts participating in the mass distribution of advertising end up being blocked for one reason or another, for example from the general IP address. In this situation, it is possible to block not only a personal or advertising account, but also all accounts connected to the wifi.

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Pourquoi Telegram bloque des comptes et comment l’éviter

How to delete a ban

If you are the victim of an unfair ban, it is necessary to follow the following steps:

  • Open a search and find the channel called @spambot.

  • Select the bot and start a chat.

  • In order to open a conversation with the bot, press the “Start” button.

  • The bot alerts you when no restrictions are placed on your account.

  • The bot notifies you when restrictions are imposed on your account, and how long your ban is.

How to delete a valid ban

The easiest way to remove the ban from your voucher is to wait for it to finish. In this case, you have nothing else to do than wait for a message indicating the end of the ban is sent to you. If the blocking is permanent, it is also possible to simply change the phone number. This method is not always practical, for example if you do not have the opportunity to register from a new SIM card or if you do not want to waste time. Therefore, it is always possible to contact the Telegram administration in order to prove your innocence.

Seeking user support or trying to defend your rights makes no sense if you have actually violated the rules of telegram messaging. The rules of moderation are particularly strict, and it is not possible to persuade moderators of your innocence. In addition, the administration formally asks users not to contact them with trivial requests or unnecessary requests. Repetitive requests to telegram support can thus lead to more severe penalties such as complete blocking of the IP address.

How to re-establish a telegram account if you are not guilty of any violation. Due to the automatic functioning of algorithms, your account may be blocked for no particular reason. This is sometimes the case when you sent an invitation to an event to your friends, classmates, or colleagues. In this case, it is possible to write a letter to [email protected], in which you can explain the situation in detail, and if possible provide evidence. As the support department is very busy, it will take some time to respond, but after two or three days, account restrictions may be lifted in the event that a bot malfunction was detected while blocking it.


In order to avoid getting blocked on Telegram, there is really only one method, follow the rules of the messaging system and not take any action in the interest of protection algorithms. If you need a promotion on Telegram, do not put your account at risk and go to the services of the All-SMM site accessible at https://fr.all-smm.com/telegram. Specialists will help you to advertise without being blocked by the system.

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