Why work with bloggers and what to expect from collaboration

Why work with bloggers and what to expect from collaboration

Bloggers are talented and active social media users who are able to attract and engage the general public. They regularly create content that is interesting for a certain category of people, have their own audience and can be as useful as possible for advertisers. Today, many large companies and aspiring entrepreneurs clearly know why they need to work with bloggers and what benefits such cooperation can bring. Let’s talk about this in more detail.

Features of working with Instagram bloggers

Инстаграм блогер

Social Instagram is very popular, as evidenced by the number of active users, which has exceeded 600 million, while 400 million are people who visit the system every day. The main feature of working with influencers on Instagram is the wide geography of their subscribers. This is most suitable for companies that do not conduct their business in a specific territory, but on a large scale throughout the country and abroad.

The main difficulty in this case is to determine the ratio of the audience with reference to a specific location. It should also be borne in mind that many accounts have wound followers and most of them in this case are foreigners.

Instagram bloggers mainly work with native advertising, that is, with the product that they themselves were able to evaluate. It helps the influencer to tell subscribers about their personal experience and share their own assessment of the product or service. Such advertising is presented unobtrusively, in the form of useful information, which is easily perceived by future consumers.

It should be noted right away that it will not be possible to advertise serious B2B topics on Instagram in a cost-effective manner. Here it will not be possible to competently prepare a platform for advertising products from a machine-tool or pipe-rolling plant.

What Instagram Bloggers Do

Modern opinion leaders are people who maintain an Instagram profile that is accessible to a wide audience. Most often it is devoted to a specific topic. On rare occasions, an account is directed to discuss multiple topics.

An opinion leader is often a person with an active lifestyle, who loves to communicate and has many friends and like-minded people. His audience is interested in what he does and how he lives. And the opinion leader, knowing the preferences of his audience, boldly and honestly broadcasts his thoughts on the social network.

Телеведущая и блогер Настя Ивлеева
TV presenter and blogger Nastya Ivleeva

With the help of advertising with a quality influencer, many companies can become more popular and increase sales, since the blogger’s opinion maximally influences the views and preferences of subscribers.

Some bloggers become brand spokespersons. They are called ambassadors. Often, these people really actively use the product or service of the promoted company and transmit information to subscribers based on their own experience.

Why should a brand turn to bloggers. Advantages over other types of advertising

Working with influencers has the following advantages:

  • Any information in the blogger’s profile is presented in the form of his own opinion and reasoning of an uninterested person, and advertising is hidden, unobtrusive.
  • The ability to establish feedback with consumers, receive and respond to comments. This type of communication inspires great confidence in the interlocutor and allows the advertiser to directly find out what exactly the user needs.
  • After reading a blog, a subscriber becomes a “carrier” of advertising information and in most cases shares the received data with others. And this affects a potential buyer of a product or service better than any, even the most interesting and vivid video on a television channel.

To get the most out of your ad investment, it’s best to partner with popular bloggers. This will help the company reach a large audience, become recognizable and in demand.

In what areas will advertising work?

Девушка работает на планшете

If desired and the right choice of content, you can use advertising from bloggers in almost any field of activity. The most popular areas that are easily and effectively perceived by subscribers include the following:

  • beauty and health;
  • fashion and style;
  • tourism, hotel business;
  • street food, cafes, restaurants, coffee shops;
  • food products;
  • personal hygiene products;
  • baby products;
  • training.

People trust bloggers who use a particular airline themselves, wear clothes of a certain brand, eat at the restaurant they are talking about on the blog. It is important to understand what exactly users want to see and how to properly interest them. And in order to do this, you must try to imagine yourself in their place.

What you definitely shouldn’t advertise with bloggers

0 лайков

It is not recommended to advertise with the help of influencers:

  • funeral services;
  • B2B goods and services;
  • financial pyramids.

All these topics are quite complex and not always understandable for ordinary people. And advertising of funeral services or a financial pyramid is unlikely to arouse understanding among users. And the products of the B2B segment are aimed at more serious consumers who are not always fans of opinion leaders and browse blogs.

All other categories can easily find their audience with the right choice of a blogger and site theme.

Finding the right blogger

Поиск блогера

When choosing an appropriate influencer, the following factors need to be considered:

  • the service or product must correspond to the topic of the blog, the interests and age of the audience, its geography;
  • the number of real subscribers – the more there are, the more effective the collaboration;
  • activity and engagement of the audience – shows how “live” users are, which, accordingly, increases the productivity of advertising.

All searches from and to can be done through trendHERO. To do this, register with the service and use the bloggers directory, which, in addition to basic filters, allows you to find bloggers with a certain number of subscribers and subscriptions,% of engagement and even an increase in subscribers as a percentage.

trendHERO фильтр

We recommend setting the following filter parameters:

  • growth of 5% subscribers per month or more;
  • last post up to 30 days ago;
  • keywords for your business. Try to cover as many options as possible. For example, if you have a coffee shop, then enter coffee, cappuccino, latte, barista, cold brew ;
  • do not search all at once, but by segment. 5-10K subscribers, 10-50K subscribers, 50-100K subscribers. This will help you find similar bloggers and choose the most interesting ones.

The results look like this:

trendHERO каталог

Next, select from the list of the most suitable candidates and click “Details”. You will see a page with full information about the blogger. You will see all the promotions (if any), analyze the number of comments and likes, find out the number of active subscribers, and also find out the real percentage of engagement. The system will show the geography of subscribers, their interests, will reveal who the blogger is working with, whom he mentions in his posts. Wide functionality will help you choose the right opinion leader who can maximize sales.

Профиль Леры Бородиной

Before offering a blogger cooperation, you need to analyze how it suits your particular company. Before starting cooperation, you need to immediately set specific tasks so that all participants understand what to expect.

Cooperation options

There are several options for cooperation:

  • Native advertising. The blogger presents the product creatively without a pronounced hint of advertising. Information is presented in the style of “advice from myself” (I use it myself, I like everything, I want to note the following advantages) and so on.
  • Advertising post. The blogger explicitly states that this is an advertisement, referring to a specific service or product. This method of interaction is the simplest, but not the most productive.
  • Giveaway. The opinion leader arranges a drawing on behalf of the company. Terms and conditions are discussed in advance.
  • Activity. This method is one of the most time consuming and effective. In this case, the blogger can conduct a challenge, flash mob or other events in support of the advertised service or product.

The choice of the type of advertising depends entirely on the preferences, budget of the customer and the real possibilities of the opinion leader.

Campaign Performance

Работа в Инстаграм

Collaboration with bloggers is showing positive results. This type of advertising has allowed many companies to become sales leaders in a short period of time. Thanks to the fact that the author tells his numerous subscribers about the positive aspects of the product, how to use it in everyday life, and shares his personal opinion, consumers completely trust him.

This method of promoting a product or service makes the brand recognizable. Cooperation with a blogger allows:

  • expand the circle of consumers;
  • to influence users of a certain segment;
  • to convey the main point in an understandable language, in an accessible form.

The effectiveness of influencer advertising is confirmed not only by positive reviews, but also by numerous studies. The main thing is to correctly approach the choice of an opinion leader, and trendHERO and your own analysis will help you in this.

Tips and tricks

When working with an influencer, you should consider the following nuances:

  • there is no guarantee that the blogger will not advertise a competitor in parallel;
  • before starting cooperation, it is better to monitor several candidates over the past months;
  • a blogger may disappear, for example, he may be blocked or he will simply take a vacation and leave somewhere, such force majeure should be discussed in advance, identifying possible risks.

A relationship with a blogger in a large company should be built by a marketing specialist. If the business is not of a serious scale, you can use the services of a freelancer or build communication yourself. It is recommended to resort to the help of an agency for working with opinion leaders in the event that a large advertising campaign is planned with the involvement of a large number of influencers.

If the campaign has produced excellent results, it is worth again using the services of a specific influencer. But it is only recommended to do this not immediately, so as not to annoy the audience. Experienced advertisers try to work with influencers on average once a quarter. Collaborating with several bloggers at the same time is a controversial decision that can negatively affect people’s attitude to the product. On the one hand, there is a large consumer audience where information is sown on a large scale. On the other hand, subscribers can understand that the publications have been paid for, which may lead to a backlash.

You can attract newcomers or bloggers with an average reach of the audience to cooperate on barter, which implies advertising in exchange for a company’s product or service. For the advertiser, such a relationship is beneficial not only from the financial side. Barter is a good opportunity to develop brand love and synergy between the influencer and the product, which creates a special atmosphere and makes publications as organic as possible.

In any case, it is always necessary to clarify on what conditions the blogger is ready to cooperate with the company, and what everyone wants to get as a result. When calculating the cost of a service, not only the number of subscribers is taken into account, but also the blogger’s personal price tag, the client’s capabilities, the duration of the project, whether the leader of ideas can become a brand ambassador.

Working with bloggers is a great chance to increase the profitability of your business, expand your company’s awareness on the Internet and get new customers.

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