YouTube Promotion: Video Marketing and Life

YouTube Promotion: Video Marketing and Life

In doubt if you need video marketing? Exiterra’s business blog has collected the most common doubts about YouTube and publishes Violetta Grishina’s recommendations and arguments in favor of video marketing.

Previously, Exiterra wrote how to create and promote a YouTube channel, after which the readers received reasoned doubts about video marketing. Is video marketing suitable for all niches? How quickly will the investment in video content pay off? The example in this article will convince you to get started with video marketing.

Продвижение в YouTube: видеомаркетинг и жизнь

YouTube and its potential today

Russian-speaking YouTube is an unpaved field for business development and a platform for creating an image and brand.

While everyone is actively exploring Instagram and competing for subscribers and likes, I urge forward-thinking readers to pay attention to YouTube.

YouTube is a powerful business platform, but so far only a small fraction of entrepreneurs in Russia have mastered it. YouTube is the number 2 search platform in the world: lightweight, easy to use and not fully mastered by marketers.

And it is there that most of your clients are between the ages of 25-45 … they are loyal, they believe YouTube more than TV ads (data from Akar 2018), and they are open. You just need to tell about yourself in time.

Some numbers: Google video search metrics grew 8x in 2018. For information: a video on google is a video from Youtube.

Today it is necessary to study non-standard marketing, apply new knowledge in practice, master new ways of advertising on the Internet and invest in creating a personal brand. A stable marketing trend is to create a fan base around yourself and your business instead of the usual customer base.

There are always algorithms for success, the most active turn to the experience of the West, successfully apply these technologies in business and get the result: successful implementations, profit, process automation, scaling and enjoy the result.

The “make a website and wait for a client” approach has not been relevant for 15 years already. Today, information about your reputation runs ahead of you. Customer confidence is a decisive factor for your business.

In addition to a high-quality product, you need to demonstrate the openness of the business: tell about yourself, show maximum expertise, so voice a unique selling proposition so that customers want to come only to you, order and work with you as the best expert in the niche.

Yes, promotion must be carried out in all directions: integrated marketing should include promotion channels, communication, PR and hidden marketing. This is how to achieve a sports and relief body is impossible without an integrated approach: a diet without sports, as well as sports without proper nutrition, do not work as effectively as together.

If you get the attention and trust of a potential client, that’s half the battle! In this case, the dumping of competitors will no longer be scary, and the price on the market will be dictated by the one who has the maximum trust and competence.

Why am I all this? Yes, it’s simple. Promote, tell about yourself, demonstrate your expertise in videos. Post videos on the platform for promotion – on your own YouTube channel.

Youtube subscribers and views are secondary metrics for a business. But your target customers are what you are on YouTube for.

An example of how YouTube helps promote your business

I will illustrate with a simple example. It is after him that many “open their eyes” and understand video marketing better. I warn you: I am not giving a magic wand, I am not saying that it is worth appearing on Youtube and your life will change – this will not happen. However, your chances of improving your business performance will increase.

So, a small associative example called “M + F relationship”.

M + F = Marketing + Life.

Using the example of the relationship between a man and a woman, I will show how video marketing and other sales funnel tools work.

  • Imagine a situation: you are a free, beautiful girl, thinking about marriage and looking out for a life partner. One day a handsome-looking man comes up to you on the street and immediately says in the forehead: “Marry me? Let’s go to the registry office right now. Agree?”. It is logical that you will not even believe in the sincerity of his intentions, and immediately say: “NO!” (and someone will reject it more fully). 99% of girls will do just that. Do you agree?

    Пример как “Ютуб” помогает продвижению бизнеса

  • If the same man comes up to you on the same street and makes you a compliment, asks you to exchange phone numbers, then you are more likely to agree, provided that you like him. So the chance for a registry office has increased, but you still don’t know about it.

    Пример как “Ютуб” помогает продвижению бизнеса

  • The next step after meeting is an invitation to coffee or dinner, flowers, gifts. And you are getting closer and closer to the answer “YES” to the main question. The likelihood of the cherished “YES” is much higher. But he does not ask the question yet – it prepares the ground for a firm and guaranteed positive answer.

Пример как “Ютуб” помогает продвижению бизнеса

Likewise with marketing and video marketing. Clients should get to know you, take a closer look (give a phone number), believe you (coffee, dinner, stories about yourself), and only then you will make an offer with a high conversion in a positive response.

Sometimes a client, like a girl, needs to be “warmed up” for years. And don’t stop there. Show your usefulness completely sincerely, give gifts, do not demand anything in return, love and appreciate. Then, it is likely that the client himself will start talking “about the registry office” and become engaged to you for life or will answer “I agree” to any of your suggestions.

Пример как “Ютуб” помогает продвижению бизнеса

Put yourself in the shoes of a potential client and you will notice that EVERYTHING you buy is not the first time you see it and it constantly flashes before your eyes before you decide to give the money.

And if you start today, you are more likely to take the lead on YouTube.

Those who think about it in a couple of years will pay many times more. Just like starting a business today on Instagram, attempts and breakthroughs are much more expensive than their competitors who started 3 years ago.

So, consider yourself lucky that you stumbled upon this article and you have every chance to declare yourself on Youtube today. The one who turns out to be faster wins!

In the next article we will show you how to create and promote a YouTube channel

Пример как “Ютуб” помогает продвижению бизнеса

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