YouTube Stories: How to add reels to YouTube and how your business can use them

What are “reels”? How to add a story to YouTube? In this article we will tell you everything about YouTube stories, or in other words “reels”, in our article.

Everyone is familiar with the famous stories on Instagram, however, few people have heard that YouTube also has a function for recording video stories. It appeared back in November 2017 under the laconic name “reels”.

Can this function be used for promotion today? We will try to give a comprehensive answer.

“Reels”: What YouTube Users Think of the Feature

The purpose of launching “reels” is similar to the appointment of the same Instagram Stories: to get closer to subscribers, to be able to talk about what is happening in the moment and show that bloggers are the same people.

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However, the Stories feature on YouTube is only available to channels with an audience of over 10,000, which limits a lot of budding bloggers. In addition, in November 2017, YouTube users were interested in resolving another issue: earnings from the channel and the distribution of advertising. Based on this, it becomes clear that not everyone “liked” the innovation.

Despite the complexity, YouTube is trying to bring “reels” into a proper form (so far this function is in beta testing). And already at this stage, the developers have a lot of success.

Сторис в YouTube: как добавить reels на ютуб и как их использовать бизнесу

YouTube Stories Functions

  • Only YouTube mobile format allows creating “reels” (they are recorded using the YouTube Play app).
  • Stories, as mentioned above, can be recorded by channels with an audience of more than 10 thousand people. When you reach the desired audience size, you will need to wait about 4 weeks: after the “reels” will start to be displayed in the profile.
  • “reels” size – no more than 30 sec.
  • It is possible to publish stories in the YouTube Community section, combining them with other projects.
  • Anyone can become a “reels” commentator: a channel visitor or a follower. Those who have not yet subscribed can do so in the same tab by clicking on the “subscribe” icon.
  • A blogger may use photos and videos when responding to comments. It is also possible to open access to other bloggers, which encourages the creation of common projects.
  • “Reels” are located directly on the channel (there is no feed for everyone like on Instagram). When you go to the subscriptions tab, bloggers’ stories will be in a colored circle on the left.
  • A strong advantage of YouTube stories: they remain available for a week from the date of publication, without disappearing after 24 hours (compared to Instagram). A channel owner can view comments left on stories in YouTube Studio for 30 days.
  • The functionality of YouTube plots is similar to Instagram: stickers, audio, captions, effects and links.
  • The number of stories can be determined by the number of segments at the top of the screen: click on one of them to see the story. Swipe to the left to view the stories of the previous blogger, to see the “reels” of the next one – swipe to the right. There is a place for comments at the bottom of the screen, and the adjacent icon will allow you to view the posts of other commenters.
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  • In March 2019, YouTube added new effects for selfies, called Augmented Reality: a three-dimensional picture is created using 1 camera (you do not need a depth sensor). It recognizes and trims faces evenly, suppressing noise. With this function, you can achieve an acceptable image without the latest iPhone.

Augmented Faces API (the original name of the function) allows you to try on voluminous masks, for example, reflective glasses or a believable make-up. These and other effects can be applied after removing the “reels”, which is also useful.

It’s time to learn how to create such stories.

YouTube stories: step-by-step guide to creating

  • After opening the mobile version of YouTube Play, click on the camera icon at the top of the screen.
  • Select the “story” icon, then upload an existing image or video, or create new ones.
  • To take a photo, click on the capture button, to record a video, hold it down.
  • Complement the “reels” with effects, stickers, and more.
  • Publishing the story: “save” → “post”.
  • To erase a story, open it, click on the 3-dot icon, then click delete.
  • You can find out the statistics at the bottom of the player. General data is located in the “stories” section of your channel.
  • To reply to a comment using a story, adding a video or playing a photo, click “reply in story”. Process the story in the usual way and post it.

Do not forget about the YouTube rules: discrimination, bullying, nudity, materials that violate copyright, etc. are not allowed in stories. Post original stories, and when posting direct ads or PPs, follow the video hosting rules.

How can “reels” help promotion?

Сторис в YouTube: как добавить reels на ютуб и как их использовать бизнесу

Stories: How To Use Them To Promote YouTube

Since the topic of our article is the use of stories for promotion, let’s talk about how you can promote your channel in stories:

  • Promotion of a “fresh” video. Post a backstage, teaser, bloopers or other content to your Stories that can stimulate subscribers’ activity.
  • Tell your story about a new collaboration with a blogger, company or any other media personality – this will help promote the project.
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  • To increase the number of viewers, run a competition. You can also announce your own meeting so that more people come to it.
  • Use Stories to remind guests to subscribe to a channel or partner channels.
  • Tell viewers about your plans or successes to generate interest.
  • Increase viewers’ trust by responding to comments in Stories or by sharing comments left under the videos that reveal more about their topic.
  • Express gratitude to viewers: it also increases loyalty and stimulates audience growth.
  • Increase views on long-released videos by reminding viewers of them in reels.
  • Interact with other bloggers by posting proposals for cooperation in stories or inviting them to discussion.

Last but not least, remember to try new techniques in reels, experiment to figure out what is best for increasing reach and achieve success.

That’s all. Thank you for reading our material! We hope you found it helpful. If you have any questions, you can share them below in the comments and the author of the article will definitely answer you.

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